Dr Jacqueline Campbell

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Jackie is the Course Director for the MSc Data Science, BSc (Hons) Computing, Computing for Business and BSc Data Science (starting 2020). Also Masters and Undergraduate Apprentice degrees in Digital & Technology Solutions. Her teaching areas focus around data - databases, data analytics, database security and data science.

Jackie had a varied career in the computing sector before gaining a role at the university, undertaking roles in IT support and testing, then moving into database development, systems analysis and team leading. Later she worked as a database consultant specifically on data warehousing projects.

Her passion for data has driven her teaching areas drawing on interesting stories and case studies to provide context and application to the subject. She is an expert in enquiry based learning which involves presenting 'the problem' to the students to explore, research and find solutions for. In this way the students are able to own their learning and the pace at which they work whilst investigating real issues. As a senior teacher fellow she uses technology and team-teaching techniques extensively.

Current Teaching

  • Master Data Science
  • BSc Computing
  • BSc Computing for Business
  • BSc Business Information Technology

Research Interests

Jackie is undertaking a Phd investigating employment for computing students. Her research focuses around data bias, data interpretation, ethics and data governance and teaching in these areas.

Selected Publications

Conference proceedings (5)

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