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Dr Jason Tipples

About Dr Jason Tipples

Dr Tipples research has focused on the effects of emotion on cognition including temporal distortion due to emotion and also, the perception of non-verbal signals (including eye gaze and facial expressions) relating to social interaction. Ongoing research includes the application of Bayesian Cognitive and Regression modelling to the study of emotion.

Dr Tipples research reputation is built on his highly cited research into social attention and also, research into the interaction between attention and emotion. Recently, he has developed an interest in the basic mechanisms responsible for time perception and more specifically, how emotion affects time perception. Dr Tipples extended his research (with financial support from the ESRC) by applying cognitive neuroscience techniques. This research has been published (Tipples, Mayes & Johnston, 2012; Tipples, Brattan & Johnston, 2013; 2015).

Current Teaching

  • Person and the Social World (Level 5)
  • Growing Social (Level 4)
  • The Embodied Mind
  • Final Year Projects

Research Interests

Dr Tipples is interested in:

  1. time perception
  2. emotion
  3. social cognition (thinking, behaviour and emotion related specifically to our social environment).

Selected Publications

Journal articles (8)

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