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Dr Jim Morgan

About Dr Jim Morgan

Jim is a Principal Lecturer specialising in Human Factors and Occupational Health Psychology.

Dr Morgan holds an MSc in Human Factors and a PhD in Applied Psychology from the University of Leeds, as well as a Pg Cert in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education from Sheffield Hallam University. Jim is also a fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Jim is a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS), the Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (IEHF), and the Rail Research UK Association (RRUKA).

Current Teaching

  • Organisational Psychology
  • Individual Differences & Work Behaviour
  • UG & PG Project Supervision

Research Interests

Jim is interested most of all in finding ways to help organisations enhance their effectiveness while maintaining or improving employee health and well-being. His recent research and consultancy has focused on the psychological and system factors that influence operational risk, particularly in safety-critical environments.

In addition to his doctoral research with Eurostar, Jim has worked in collaboration with a number of external agencies, including British Energy, the Police and Fire services, Social Services, the Department for Work and Pensions, and Care UK / NHS England (evaluating NHS111). He is the academic supervisor for two Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) in collaboration with VolkerRail and Amey, developing and testing behavioural interventions to further improve safety for those working in the railway industry. Dr Morgan also leads the Psychology Applied to Safety & Health research team which conducts research and consultancy in industrial and health settings.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (60)

  • Budrikis Z; Livesey KL; Morgan JP; Akerman J; Stein A; Langridge S; Marrows CH; Stamps RL (In press) Domain dynamics and fluctuations in artificial square ice at finite temperatures
  • Morgan JP; Stein A; Langridge S; Marrows CH (In press) Magnetic reversal of an artificial square ice: dipolar correlation and charge ordering
  • Morgan JP; Akerman J; Stein A; Phatak C; Evans RML; Langridge S; Marrows CH (In press) Real and effective thermal equilibrium in artificial square spin ices
  • Budrikis Z; Morgan JP; Akerman J; Stein A; Politi P; Langridge S; Marrows CH; Stamps RL (In press) Disorder Strength and Field-Driven Ground State Domain Formation in Artificial Spin Ice: Experiment, Simulation, and Theory
  • Cross SH (In press) Haploinsufficiency for Phox2b in mice causes dilated pupils and atrophy of the ciliary ganglion: mechanistic insights into human congenital central hypoventilation syndrome
  • Morgan J; Reidy J; Probst T (In press) Age Group Differences in Household Accident Risk Perceptions and Intentions to Reduce Hazards
    View Repository Record
  • Morgan J; Curcuruto M; Steer M; Bazzoli A (2021) Implementing the Theoretical Domains Framework in Occupational Safety: Development of the Safety Behaviour Change Questionnaire
    View Repository Record
  • Bazzoli A; Curcuruto M; Morgan J; Brondino M; Pasini M (2020) Speaking up about workplace safety: An experimental study on safety leadership
    View Repository Record
  • Morgan JI; Muskett T (2020) Interactional misalignment in the UK NHS 111 healthcare telephone triage service
    View Repository Record
  • Lee MJ; Morgan J; Watson AJM; Jones GL; Brown SR (2019) A validated severity score for haemorrhoids as an essential prerequisite for future haemorrhoid trials.
    View Repository Record
  • Curcuruto M; Griffin M; Kandola R; Morgan JI (2018) Multilevel Safety Climate in The UK Rail Industry: A Cross Validation of the Zohar and Luria MSC Scale
    View Repository Record
  • Morgan J; Abbott R; Furness P; Ramsay J (2016) UK rail workers' perceptions of accident risk factors: An exploratory study
    View Repository Record
  • Morgan J; Atkin L (2016) Expelling Stress for Primary School Teachers: Self-Affirmation Increases Positive Emotions in Teaching and Emotion Reappraisal
    View Repository Record
  • Morgan JI; Harris PR (2015) Evidence that brief self-affirming implementation intentions can reduce work-related anxiety in downsize survivors
    View Repository Record
  • Goddard E; Hibbs R; Raenker S; Salerno L; Arcelus J; Boughton N; Connan F; Goss K; Laszlo B; Morgan J (2013) A multi-centre cohort study of short term outcomes of hospital treatment for anorexia nervosa in the UK
  • Goddard E; Salerno L; Hibbs R; Raenker S; Naumann U; Arcelus J; Ayton A; Boughton DClinPsy N; Connan F; Goss DClinPsy K (2013) Empirical examination of the interpersonal maintenance model of anorexia nervosa
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  • Morgan JF (2013) Does the emphasis on risk in psychiatry serve the interests of patients or the public? Yes
  • Morgan JF; Lazarova S; Schelhase M; Saeidi S (2013) 10 Session body image therapy: Efficacy of a manualised body image therapy
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  • Morgan J (2013) Forward-looking contrast explanation, illustrated using the great moderation
  • Morgan J (2013) Hedge funds: Statistical arbitrage, high frequency trading and their consequences for the environment of businesses
  • Morgan JI; Jones FA; Harris PR (2013) Direct and indirect effects of mood on risk decision making in safety-critical workers
    View Repository Record
  • Sternheim L; Startup H; Saeidi S; Morgan J; Hugo P; Russell A; Schmidt U (2012) Understanding catastrophic worry in eating disorders: Process and content characteristics
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Chapters (2)

  • Kandola R; Curcuruto M; Griffin M; Morgan J (2018) The Influence of Organisational Safety Climate on Group Safety Outcomes: The Mediation Role of Supervisor Safety Communication and Monitoring. In: Advances in Safety Management and Human Factors. : , pp. .
  • Morgan JI; Abbott R; Furness P; Webster-Spriggs S (2013) Perceptions of accident risk among on-track machine workers: An interview study. In: Dadashi N; Scott A; Wilson JR; Mills A Rail human factors : supporting reliability, safety and cost reduction. : CRC Press, pp. 445-452.

Conference contributions (3)

  • Morgan J; Curcuruto M; Kandola R; Griffin M (2018) Safety climate in the UK railway industry: a leading indicator of safety performance? Analysis of the impact on accident experience, safety compliance, consideration of future safety consequences, and trust in organizational safety systems. Barcelona (Spain) .
  • Kandola RAJ; Curcuruto M; Morgan J (2017) Safety climate validation for UK rail infrastructure workers: Analysis of the nomological network for design engineers and rail maintenance workers London 06/11/2017.
    View Repository Record
  • Matthews M; Morgan J; Spriggs S (2017) A cross-sectional study exploring the effect of work place stressors on individual psychological and behavioural indicators of safety London 06/11/2017.
    View Repository Record

Conference proceedings (11)

  • Kandola R; Curcuruto M; Griffin M; Morgan JI (2018) The influence of organisational safety climate on group safety outcomes: The mediation role of supervisor safety communication and monitoring. In: . : , pp. 35-46.
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    View Repository Record
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