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Dr John Willott

About Dr John Willott

John is a Principal Lecturer in Politics & International Relations, and Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Following a PhD in Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia, John gained a Royal Society Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at Manchester University. For this, as well as research on tropical forest loss, he managed a research station in northern Borneo. He subsequently worked on the EU-funded MEDALUS programme at Leeds University on climate change, desertification and land use in the Mediterranean region.

After an academic career break, he joined Leeds Beckett University, securing over £6m EU funding to deliver projects on social inclusion and improving access to Higher Education and employment. From these developed new research interests in marginalised groups, particularly refugees. This led to research and consultancy work funded by the EU, Refugee Council, AHRC/ESRC, local government and HE Academy.

He now combines these research interests on people, environment and development.

Current Teaching

John is Module Leader for the undergraduate Understanding Security and Environment & World Politics modules, and the masters Post-conflict Reconstruction module.

He is also Module Leader and teaches research methods on the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Dissertation modules.

He is currently supervising PhD students working on Non-violence in the Tunisian Arab Spring; Reintegration of Child Soldiers; Religious & Ethnic Minorities in Post-conflict Iraq; and Identity & Conflict in Bangladesh.

Research Interests

John has worked on a UN-funded project to combat violence against women in Uganda, Cambodia and Nepal. He has authored 'Acid Violence in Uganda: A Situational Analysis', presented to the government, legal, health and social services to promote coordinated action to address the problem.

He is currently working on a project funded by BAICE to understand how best to incorporate indigenous language and culture teaching in Colombian primary schools to promote intercultural understanding and a transformative peace education.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (15)

  • Willott J; Stevenson J (2013) Attitudes to Employment of Professionally Qualified Refugees in the United Kingdom
    View Repository Record
  • Clegg S; Stevenson J; Willott J (2010) Staff Conceptions of curricular and extra curricular activities in higher education
  • Stevenson J; Willott J (2007) The aspiration and access to higher education of teenage refugees in the UK.
  • Willott J; Stevenson J (2006) An analysis of gendered attitudes and responses to employability training
  • Cammeraat LH; Willott SJ; Compton SG; Incoll LD (2002) The effects of ants' nests on the physical, chemical and hydrological properties of a rangeland soil in semi-arid Spain
  • Ward KA; Willott J; Paxton S; Soames RW (2001) Reconstruction of the articular facets of the subtalar and talonavicular joints from volumetric magnetic resonance data
  • Willott SJ (2001) Species Accumulation Curves and the Measure of Sampling Effort
  • Willott SJ; Lim DC; Compton SG; Sutton SL (2000) Effects of Selective Logging on the Butterflies of a Bornean Rainforest.
  • Willott SJ; Compton SG; Incoll LD (2000) Foraging, food selection and worker size in the seed harvesting ant Messor bouvieri.
  • Willott SJ; Miller AJ; Incoll LD; Compton SG (2000) The contribution of rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus L.) to soil fertility in semi-arid Spain
  • Willott SJ (1999) The Effects of Selective Logging on the Distribution of Moths in a Bornean Rainforest
  • Willott; Hassall (1998) Life-history responses of British grasshoppers (Orthoptera: Acrididae) to temperature change.
  • Willott SJ; Hassall M (1998) Life-History Responses of British Grasshoppers (Orthoptera: Acrididae) to Temperature Change
  • Willott SJ (1997) Thermoregulation in Four Species of British Grasshoppers (Orthoptera: Acrididae)
  • Grant A; Hassall M; Willott SJ (1993) An alternative theory of grasshopper life cycles

Books (2)

  • Kimura M; Prodgers L; Willott J (2006) Ethnicity, education and employment. London: Continuum,University of East London.
  • Willott SJ; Stevenson J; Ibbetson C (2006) Higher Education: A Guide for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Yorkshire & Humber. Leeds: Leeds Metropolitan University.

Chapters (1)

  • Stevenson J; Willott SJ (2010) Refugees: home students with international needs. In: Jones E Internationalisation and the Student Voice. : Taylor & Francis, pp. 193-202.

Conference contributions (1)

  • Willott J (2008) Embedding climate change in the curriculum Birmingham 01/11/2008.

Conference proceedings (2)

  • Willott J (2009) Embedding climate change in the curriculum.. In: Centre for Asian Pacific Studies and the Environmental Studies Programme, Lingnan University, Hong Kong 18/06/2009 00:00:00. Hing Kong: Lignan University, pp. 582-595.
  • Stevenson J; Willott J (2008) The role of cultural capital theory in explaining the absence from UK higher education of refugees and other non-traditional students. In: Whither Adult Education in the Learning Paradigm? . Edinburgh: SCUTREA, pp. .

Reports (5)

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