Dr Julie Fimusanmi, Senior Lecturer

Dr Julie Fimusanmi

Senior Lecturer

Dr Fimusanmi is a graduate of Loughborough University and specialises in the area of Physical Education and Ethnicity. She has worked in a variety of schools and has research interests in hyphenated identities, social inclusion and physical activity.

With over six years experience as a Sports Development Officer, working across the disciplines of ethnic minorities, athletics and Youth Sport Officer, Julie has in-depth knowledge of current policies and practices, plus the experience of their practical application. She has spent almost a decade working in schools in Sheffield, and was Head of PE at Ecclesfield School where she was instrumental in assimilating the needs of the children.

Her research has involved report writing and evaluation projects in Zambia, examining the role of sport in HIV/AIDS education as a tool to empower young women, and as means to foster hope and a sense of community amongst both men and women living in highly impoverished urban compounds. Additionally her major research interests lie in diversity and divergence in sport, particularly the experiences of young ethnic minorities, hyphenated identities and multi-agency approaches to physical activity.

Current Teaching

  • PPD PE - level 4 tutor
  • Working with children in PE level 5
  • Inclusive Physical Activity– level 6
  • MIS (Dissertation) Supervision
Dr Julie Fimusanmi, Senior Lecturer

Selected Publications

  • Fimusanmi J (2004) Promoting physical activity in young people: A Practical Guide to involving Black Students in School Sport. In: Widening Access Through Sport Conference, Loughborough University.