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Dr Kata Pauly-Takacs

Dr Kata Pauly-Takacs
Contact Details
Dr Kata Pauly-Takacs

Senior Lecturer

School Of Social Sciences

0113 81 25357 K.Pauly-Takacs@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

About Dr Kata Pauly-Takacs

Kata is a cognitive neuropsychologist specialising in human memory. She obtained her PhD from the University of Leeds in 2012. Following a brief period of part-time teaching roles she joined our University as a Senior Lecturer in Psychology in August 2013.

For her doctoral thesis, Kata considered the neuropsychological underpinnings of memory following childhood brain tumour. Adopting experimental neuropsychological techniques and theoretical models of amnesia she explored the neurocognitive consequences of whole brain radiotherapy from a developmental perspective, with specific attention to episodic memory and new learning. Kata's work has implications for effective clinical assessment following childhood-acquired brain injury as well as cognitive rehabilitation in this special population.

Current Teaching

  • BSc (Hons) Psychology:
    • Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Neuropsychology (Year 3, core)
    • Memory, Creativity and Imagination (Year 2, elective)
  • MSc Psychology (Conversion Award):
    • Thinking, Living and Acting (core)
  • BSc (Hons) Speech and Language Therapy:
    • Language and Cognition (Year 2, core)

Research Interests

Kata’s work is centred on how memory and the subjective experience of remembering is affected following brain injury across the lifespan. Much of her work so far focused on how childhood brain tumours and subsequent treatment affect developing memory systems and how specific cognitive rehabilitation techniques and tools might be used in this special population. In relation to this, she has been involved in pioneering research exploring the efficacy of SenseCam, a memory rehabilitation device currently marketed as the Autographer.

More recently Kata has expanded her research interests to the relationship between memory and metamemory, how these abilities develop in childhood and young adulthood, and how they might be affected in neurodevelopmental disorders.

In her work Kata often adopts the single-case approach of neuropsychology to better understand the functional architecture of the human memory system as well as to appreciate psychological distress caused by idiosyncratic memory failures.

Current Projects:

  • Future thinking: characteristics and functions (with Dr Scott Cole)
    Supported by CeASR, Leeds Beckett University
  • Creativity in healthy cognitive ageing (with Dr Anna Abraham)
    Funded by a Leeds Beckett University PhD Studentship awarded to Halima Ahmed
  • Recollection and familiarity following limbic encephalitis (with Dr Chris Moulin and Lara Charlesworth)
  • Student expectations and achievement: Metacognitive awareness in higher education
    Funded by the Early Career Researcher Grant, Leeds Beckett University
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