Dr Linda Asquith, Course Director

Dr Linda Asquith

Course Director

Linda is an experienced teacher and researcher who has a special interest in victimisation and state harms.

Linda's current research explores life after release for miscarriage of justice victims. She is also exploring how states and communities respond to disasters, especially in terms of compensation and charity funding.

Alongside her research, Linda has taught a wide variety of criminological topics which include criminological theory, victims and restorative justice as well as introductory criminal justice, and forensic science.

Prior to working at Leeds Beckett, Linda has worked at Nottingham Trent University, The University of Leeds and the University of Huddersfield.

Current Teaching

  • Victimology
  • Genocide and Crimes against Humanity

Research Interests

Linda's current research is in two distinct, but related areas. Firstly she is examining the lives of exonerees of miscarriages of justice, exploring how those who have been wrongly convicted rebuild their lives following release from prison. Within this work, the ideas of Susan Sontag's ideas on metaphor, and Arthur Frank's work on 'Remission Society' are used as a way of examining how exonerees make sense of their experiences. Secondly, Linda is considering the representation and hierarchies of victims of crime, particularly focusing on how victims of crime are perceived by the state in terms of their eligibility for state support and compensation. This work draws on Nils' Christie's idea of the 'Ideal Victim' as well as literature around the nature of testimony and dichotomy of victim/survivor.

Dr Linda Asquith, Course Director