Dr Lucy Laville, Course Director

Dr Lucy Laville

Course Director

Lucy Laville is an experienced Course Leader and Senior Lecturer in marketing and public relations.  Lucy has developed and run courses, led periodic reviews and won awards for her role as Course Leader. She is also actively researching the value of mentoring and networking for new professions, and embedding her research into teaching.

With industry experience in the field of public relations she is interested in the role of communications by corporates, with a particular focus on crisis management, internal communications and stakeholder relations. She has contributed to pan European research projects on the strategic role of corporate communications and conducted her own doctoral research on the development of new professions.

Current Teaching

BA Hons Events Management Modules:

  • Dissertation
  • Creative Event Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Strategy

Research Interests

Lucy’s applied research interests include the development of professional relationships through the lens of actor network theory.

Dr Lucy Laville, Course Director