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Dr Martina Topić

Dr Martina Topić
Contact Details
Dr Martina Topić

Senior Lecturer

Leeds Business School

0113 81 29317 M.Topic@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

About Dr Martina Topić

Dr Martina Topic is a Senior Lecturer in Public Relations in Leeds Business School.

Martina worked as a journalist in print media in Croatia, Slovenia and Italy, as well as an entrepreneur where she has founded several companies in the past 10 years. As an entrepreneur, she was responsible for management and marketing activities.

Martina also worked at the University of Zagreb (Faculty of Political Science) as a research assistant (2007-2013). At Leeds Beckett University, she was first appointed as a graduate teaching assistant (2014-2016), then Lecturer in Public Relations (2016-2017), and since December 2017, she has worked as a Senior Lecturer in Public Relations.

She has worked as a researcher on many research projects, including UNESCO Media Development Indicators (2008-2009), FP7 Identities and Modernities in Europe (2009-2012), Public Service Employment (2017-2017), yellow sticker shopping project (2017-2018), sustainability and consumer views (since June 2018) and COMPETE IN project (since October 2017). She also currently leads three projects, a British Academy funded project on women in the advertising industry, a EUPRERA project on women in public relations and an HEFCE funded project on Women Journalists.

Since 2016, Martina has served as the Local Research Ethics Coordinator, Social Media Manager for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes (Facebook and Twitter), and academic advisor to Level 1 and Level 2 students (Public Relations, Journalism). Martina also holds the Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy and she is an external examiner at Bournemouth University (BA (Hons) Public Relations) and Wolverhampton University (MA Corporate Communications and Public Relations).

She is a member of the editorial board of several academic journals including Sociology (British Sociological Association) and The Qualitative Report (Nova Southeastern University). She is an editor of the section ‘Culture, Media and Film’ of Cogent Arts and Humanities Open Access journal (Taylor and Francis). She is also a member of the British Sociological Association, European Sociological Association, EUPRERA and ECREA.

Current Teaching

  • Undergraduate teaching:
    • Communication Ethics and Regulation (module leader, lectures, seminars)
    • Fashion Public Relations (module leader, lectures, seminars)
  • PhD Supervisions:
    • Director of studies:
      • Mike Caramraz Halkhore – “The Clinical Lived Experiences of first-year Newly Registered Nurses: A Phenomenological Study in Mauritius”
      • Chao-Kai Mao – “Investigation of the relationship between internationalization,firm-specific assets and Financial Performance: An empirical study of listed and OTC firms in Taiwan”
      • Nadden Veerasamy - “An examination of factors influencing academic achievement in Mauritian ZEP schools”
      • Leon Consearo – “A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study of Delegates Experiences of Leadership Development via the New Degree Apprenticeship”
    • Supervisor:
      • Dean Horsman – “Meaning, Sensemaking and Learning in Emotional Engagement : An NHS Case Study”

Research Interests

Martina's research interests include Public Relations History, Corporate Social Responsibility, Media and Journalism Studies and Women's Studies. She has published articles, book chapters and books in these areas of interest and she has supervised many undergraduate and postgraduate students in these fields.

She is currently preparing two edited books, "Women in the Media: Who Creates the News?" and "The Future of Sustainability", and a monograph from her second thesis, on CSR and the British press.

In her work, she is particularly interested in women's studies, and she has looked at the position of women in Public Relations and Journalism, and recently she has obtained funding from the British Academy to look at the position of women in the UK's advertising industry. In addition, she is also leading the EUPRERA project on women in public relations.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (14)

Books (2)

  • Topic M (2012) Cultural Diplomacy and Cultural Imperialism: European Perspective(s). . Peter Lang.
  • Topic M; Perusko Z; Perisin T; Vilovic G; Zgrabljic Rotar N (2011) Hrvatski medijski sustav prema UNESCO-ovim indikatorima medijskog razvoja. . Zagreb: Fakultet politickih znanosti.

Chapters (7)

  • Topic M; Tench R (2020) Women in Public Relations: A Thematic Analysis of ECM Data (2009-2019). In: Theofilou A Women in Public Relations. : Palgrave, pp. .
    View Repository Record
  • Topic M (2020) An Ecofeminist Analysis of Values and Philosophies of Global Eco-villages: Are Women More Inclined towards Collectivism and anti-hierarchy than men?. In: Marjanic S; Djurdjevic G Ecofeminism. Zagreb: Durieux, pp. .
  • Topic M (2020) Public relations theories: Communication, Relationships and Persuasion. In: Tench R; Waddington S Exploring Public Relations. Longman: Pearson, pp. .
  • Topic M; Polic M (2020) Fashion public relations. In: Tench R; Waddington S Exploring public relations. : , pp. .
    View Repository Record
  • Topic M (2017) Public Relations Theories. In: Tench R; Yeomans L Exploring Public Relations, 4th edition. Longman: Pearson, pp. .
    View Repository Record
  • Tench R; Topić M (2017) Evaluating CSR, Sustainability and Sourcing within the UK Supermarket Industry: The Case of Waitrose/John Lewis Partnership. In: Eweje G; Bathurst R CSR, Sustainability and Leadership. London: Routledge, pp. .
    View Repository Record
  • Topic M; Sciortino C (2012) Cultural Diplomacy and Cultural Imperialism: A Framework for the Analysis.. In: Topic M; Rodin S Cultural Diplomacy and Cultural Imperialism: European perspective(s).. Frankfurt a.M: Peter Lang, pp. .

Conference contributions (5)

  • Topic M (2020) What Responsibility? An Ecofeminist Criticism of the CSR Concept Leeds 20200118. : .
  • Topic M (2019) Public Relations and Women Equality: From Bernays' Torches of Freedom to NIKE's Gender-bound Communities Bournemouth 20190626. : .
  • Topic M (2019) Public Relations Technique of Lady Nancy Astor (1921-1935). Leeds 20190127. : .
  • Topic M (2019) Public Relations Technique of Lady Nancy Astor (1921-1935) Leeds 20190126. : .
  • Topic M; Tench R (2016) How Far Have We Got? A Longitudinal Analysis of Views of Public Relations Practitioners on the Position of Women in the PR Industry Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom 20160706. : .
    View Repository Record

Reports (8)

  • Topic M; Bruegmann C (2020) Women Journalists in the UK Press. . .
    View Repository Record
  • Topic M (2019) 'Bloke-ification as a social issue? The case study of women in the UK's advertising industry' The Key Findings from the British Academy-funded Project. . Leeds Business School.
  • Topic M; Diers Lawson A (2019) EUPRERA Report, Vol.1, No. 1 - Women in Public Relations: A Literature Review (1982-2019). . Leeds/Brussels: Creative Media and Communications Research Ltd & EUPRERA.
    View Repository Record
  • Topic M; Mitchell B (2019) GENERATION Z & CONSUMER TRENDS IN ENVIRONMENTAL PACKAGING. . Leeds: The Retail Institute.
  • Topic M; Devins D (2019) COMPETE IN: The International Best Practice Review. . Leeds: Interreg Europe.
  • Tench R; Diers Lawson A; Topic M (2018) Communication and (re)branding toolkit for employment services. . European Network of Public Employment Services.
    View Repository Record
  • Topic M; Mitchell B; Munroe O (2018) Product and Packaging Innovation: Attitudes, Behaviours, and Strategies for Sustainable Packaging. . Leeds: The Retail Institute.
    View Repository Record
    View Repository Record

Theses or dissertations (1)

  • Topic M (2013), Primjenjivost teorije Anthonyja D. Smitha na formiranje nacionalnoga identiteta u Dalmaciji (Applicability of Anthony D. Smith's Theory to the Formation of the National Identity in Dalmatia)
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