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Dr Miju Choi

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Dr. Miju Choi is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Events, Tourism and Hospitality Management of Leeds Beckett University, UK. Before joining Leeds Beckett University, Dr. Choi worked for three and a half years at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong as a Lecturer in School of Hotel and Tourism Management.

Dr. Miju Choi earned her doctoral degree (Doctor of Philosophy in Tourism Management) from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong and completed her master degree (Master of Science in Tourism Management) at University of Surrey, UK.

Dr. Choi has authored/co-authored a number of research articles in first-tier academic journals, including Tourism Management and Journal of Travel Research. Dr Choi was nominated as an outstanding early career researcher and received the Rising Researcher Award at the 2016 TOSOK: The 80th International Tourism Conference.

Dr Choi also received the Best Paper Award at WHTER & ICES 2015 (World Conference on Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Research & International Convention and Expo Summit). During her doctoral study, Dr Choi received the Best Paper Award at Global 2014 & 11th ATF (Global Tourism & Hospitality Conference and 11th Asia Tourism Forum), which was jointly organised by the School of Hotel and Tourism Management of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Taylor & Francis Group.

Current Teaching

Dr. Choi teaches a broad spectrum of subjects but specialises in tourism marketing strategy and responsible hospitality businesses, and strategic management.

Research Interests

Dr. Choi's primary research interests include shopping tourism, destination marketing, and information technology in tourism and hospitality.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (8)

Conference contributions (14)

  • Choi M (2018) Comparison of tourist shopping patterns in Korea 2009-2015: A Case of China and Japan. 20180514. : .
  • Choi M (2017) Typology of gaming tourists based on the perception of destination image. 20170625. : .
  • Choi M; Lee J-S; Tsang N (2017) Shopping destination competitiveness: Scale development and validation. 20170526. : .
  • Choi M (2017) Investigation into shopping tourist satisfaction: An application of shopping values. 20170427. : .
  • Choi M (2016) Examining the factor related to tourists' perceived value of shopping tourism. 20160713. : .
  • Choi M (2016) Comparison of attitudes toward hotel between pre-senior and senior groups. 20160520. : .
  • Choi M; Law R; Heo C (2015) Trust of tourists toward shopping destinations: Development of a shopping destination trust scale. 20150520. : .
  • Choi M; Law R (2015) Does individual's regulatory fit affect restaurant selection? 20150401. : .
  • Choi M; Heo C (2014) When tradition meets modernity: Are you willing to pay more for organic food at restaurant? 20140625. : .
  • Choi M; Heo C (2014) A review of theme park studies from 1986 to 2013. International Conferences on Tourism. 20140625. : .
  • Choi M; Heo C (2014) The impact of service quality at a historical site on tourist satisfaction, recommendation, and revisit intention: An application of HISTOQUAL. 20140520. : .
  • Choi M; Heo C (2014) The importance of employee's emotional intelligence in the theme park industry. 20140520. : .
  • Choi M; Heo C (2014) Shopping tourism: A review of tourists' shopping in tourism research. 20140518. : .
  • Choi M; Heo C (2013) Developing a conceptual model for tourists' perceived value of shopping tourism. 20130521. : .
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