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Dr Naeema Hann

About Dr Naeema Hann

Currently Naeema is Course Leader for the MA in English Language Teaching online and has coordinated the MA in English Language Teaching and Materials Development. Naeema supervises MA dissertations and PhDs. Naeema sits on the national executive committee for the National Association of Teachers of English and Community Languages (NATECLA) and the editorial board for Language Issues, a part-peer reviewed journal of NATECLA.

Naeema has managed ESOL and bilingual provision at Bradford College and has been editor for Urdu Times UK, a bilingual journal for teachers of Urdu, published by the National Council for the Development of Urdu (NCDU). The Basic Education in Community Languages programme she co-ordinated in Bradford won the European Award for Languages. Naeema started her career in English language teaching in Pakistan where she taught English to Afghan Refugees and Pakistani professionals for seven years and worked with the British Council in their Peshawar office.

Current Teaching

  • MA modules:
    • Methodology and Second Language Acquisition,
    • Methodology in Context,
    • ELT Specialism (Delta module 3),
    • Research in ELT
    • Teacher training courses for CLIL and plurilingual settings
    • English for general academic purposes (EGAP), International Foundation Year
  • Research Supervision:
    • 18 MA dissertations supervised to completion,
    • research areas included English medium instruction (EMI), Content and Language Integrative Learning (CLIL), own language use by teachers, aspects of ELT methodology, materials development for contexts such as EAP and online collaboration.
  • PhD areas under supervision:
    • Reticence in second language university classrooms
    • Students’ Perceptions of Native and non-Native Teachers in English Language Teaching
    • Pre-departure EAP materials for ASEAN students

Research Interests

Naeema delivered a keynote talk 'Second Language Learning and Migrants: agency, affordances and identity positions' at The International Symposium by English Scholars Beyond Borders hosted by Dokuz Eylül University, Turkey in December 2015.

Leeds Beckett hosted the seminar Right to Left Scripted Languages: realities and possibilities, as part of the prestigious BAAL CUP seminar series.

Naeema's publications related to learner strategies and materials development have contributed to a successful Erasmus project Autonomous Literacy Learning - Sustainable Results (Read more.)

Naeema's publication related to materials development for learners of English as a Second Language (ESOL) led to an invitation by ELTeaM, a fast-growing group of professionals related to developing materials in English Language Teaching in Indonesia to do a plenary in December 2012. On the basis of the plenary as well as the chapter, Leeds Beckett University are in the process of starting collaborative arrangements with Universitas Tanjungpura in Indonesia and are beginning to get PhD students at the school of languages from that part of the world. The book chapters also resulted in Naeema delivering a keynote session at Bradford College training day in 2015 for their ESOL staff.

Reader in ELT, Ivor Timmis and Naeema successfully bid for British Council funding to study the impact of English on learners' wider lives with partners in Abu Dhabi, Columbia and China. The report published in 2014 can be seen here.

Naeema sits on the editorial board for Language Issues, the journal for anyone involved with second language learning and migration, since September 2013 and is member review board, Journal of Education and Educational Development, Institute of Business Management, Pakistan.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (2)

Chapters (4)

  • Hann N (2016) ESOL Pedagogy: voices from the classroom. In: Masuhara H Practice and Theory in Materials Development in Language Learning. : , pp. .
  • Hann N (2013) Mining the L2 Environment: ESOL Learners and Strategies Outside the Classroom. In: Tomlinson B Developing Materials for Language Teaching. : Bloomsbury, pp. .
  • Hann N (2010) ESOL for Employability Training Materials in the UK: Contexts and Effects. In: Tomlinson B; Masuhara H Research for Materials Development in Language Learning: Evidence For Best Practice. : Bloomsbury, pp. .
  • Timmis IG; Hann N; Masuhara H (2010) ESOL materials: Practice and principles. In: Chambers A; Mishan F Perspectives on language learning materials development. Bern: Peter Lang, pp. .

Conference contributions (9)

  • Hann N (2011) Confident and Comfortable' Identity and Success in ESOL Learners Beijing 23/08/2011.
  • Hann N (2010) Is there a role for Identity in the Success of ESOL Learners? Lessons from Learners University of Surrey, Guildford 09/07/2010.
  • Hann N (2010) Making it Work: Student Progression and Success on ESOL for Work Courses University of Surrey, Guildford. 09/07/2010.
  • Hann N (2010) Confident and Comfortable:  Identity and Success in ESOL Learners Aberdeen, Scotland .
  • Hann N (2010) Looking at Stars: the Role of Identity in the Success of ESOL Learners. Lessons For International Students? Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, UK .
  • Hann N (2009) ESOL: Place and Politics Cardiff, UK 31/03/2009.
  • Hann N (2009) Collecting and Analysing Conversations to explore Factors Supporting Progress of ESOL Learners on Vocational Courses Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, UK .
  • Hann N (2009) ESOL Materials: Principles for Effective Design and Evaluation Dublin, Ireland 24/01/2009.
  • Hann N (2008) ESOL for Work: Do 'Short, Sharp' courses work? Galway, Ireland .

Other (1)

  • Hann N (2009) Community Languages in the UK: A guide

Reports (1)

  • Hann N; Timmis IG; Alkhaldi AA; Davies B; Troncoso CR; Yong Y (2014) The impact of English on learners' wider lives. 14. British Council.
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