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Dr Pedro Pablo Cardoso-Castro

Dr Pedro Pablo Cardoso-Castro
Contact Details
Dr Pedro Pablo Cardoso-Castro

Senior Lecturer

Leeds Business School

0113 81 21855

About Dr Pedro Pablo Cardoso-Castro

Pedro Cardoso Castro is an international expert on applications of complexity science and organisational cybernetics in management and social issues (internationalisation, entrepreneurship, business resilience, development and growth, peace building, post-conflict management).

Pedro is a Colombian Marine Biologist and Merchant Marine Officer who after several years of work in research (Colombian Marine Research Institute – INVEMAR) and sailing in the pacific as international observer; changed his professional path, initially working as international consultant in south America for ORBIMAGE/ORBITAL and then for NAUTICAL TRANSOCEANIC. After this period performing as regional manager he did his Master in Environmental Auditing and Industrial Planning (Malaga), followed by the beginning of his academic career in Colombia and the completion of a second Master (MBA) with emphasis in International commerce (Madrid) after leading the successful program: Colombia-Japan business-match for Hi-tech SMEs.

In 2007 he got an ESPRC scholarship and did his PhD in complexity management and self-organisation at the University of Hull (UK). Since 2012 he has working as senior lecturer at the Business School/Strategy subject group at Leeds Beckett University and has been involved in research projects related with sustainability, governance, Higher Education and social enterprise; using always principles of complexity management and the theory of viability

Pedro Pablo is a Marine Biologist with MSc in Environmental Planning and Auditing; MBA with emphasis on international Commerce and a PhD in Management with emphasis in applications of Complexity and Systems Thinking in Management. He has experience as manager and consultant both, at national and international level and its research interest is related with the application of complexity and systems thinking in management, governance, entrepreneurship, leadership and business and social development.

Current Teaching

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Building relationships
  • Strategic Management
  • Management for Competitive Advantage
  • Problem Solving Methods
  • Organisational Cybernetics

Research Interests

Pedro is interested in the governance of international networks, working in the amazon and helping communities to gain governance of their access to clean water, land, sanitation and access to market in the context of international food supply chains - Case study: Belem- Brazil

Pedro is also interested applications of complexity and data science to business and society, as well as the development of tools and frameworks to facilitate internationalisation of business and socioeconomic inclusion in the context of peace building and peace consolidation in post-conflict scenarios - case study: Colombia.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (1)

Conference contributions (1)

  • Cardoso-Castro P; Espinosa A (2014) Understanding Emergence, Resilience and the Recursive Distribution of Knowledge in Organizations. An Application of the Combined Powers of Organizational Cybernetics (VSM) and Social Network Analysis (SNA) BI Norwegian Business School - Oslo 21/04/2014. BI Oslo:

Conference proceedings (peer reviewed) (1)

  • Cardoso-Castro P (2014) The Complicatedness of Self-organisation in Social Systems. A Systemic View of the Application of Self-organisation in Management - Case Study. In: WOSC2014 Our self-organizing world:from disruption to reparation Systems and cybernetics applied to technology, design, governance and power Universidad de Ibague - Colombia 15/10/2014 00:00:00. Universidad de Ibaague: WOSC, pp. 344-347.
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