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Dr Quintin Bradley is a Senior Lecturer in Planning and Housing and leads research into community planning and its impact on housing supply. His work is published in peer reviewed international journals and he is the author of books on the tenants' movement and on localism and neighbourhood planning.

Quintin's PhD was a study of the English tenants' movement and its impact on contentious politics, a research project that combined social movement theory with housing studies and was based on significant community research. Quintin lectures on housing policy and housing development and his research draws attention to the importance of community engagement in planning and housing. As a practitioner Quintin worked for resident-led community organisations, as well as local housing authorities and housing associations. He has been active in campaigns and social movements and has a background as an investigative journalist.

Current Teaching

  • MA Town & Regional Planning
  • MA Housing Regeneration & Urban Management Planning (MPlan)
  • BA Human Geography & Planning

Research Interests

Quintin's research into neighbourhood and community planning has been successful in increasing the number of disadvantaged communities who have benefited from participation in the town and country planning system.The immediate impact has been felt in Leeds which now has the highest number of deprived communities participating in neighbourhood plans of any metropolitan borough.

He is currently working with local groups in Greater Manchester who are participating in the drafting of a new Spatial Framework. Research findings from his research are being disseminated in order to shape the new draft Spatial Framework and to improve the organisational and lobbying abilities of the community network.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (12)

Books (2)

  • Brownill S (2017) Localism and Neighbourhood Planning Power to the People?. Policy Press.
  • Bradley Q (2014) The Tenants' Movement: Resident Involvement, Community Action and the Contentious Politics of Housing. Routledge.

Conference contributions (1)

  • Bradley Q (2014) The political boundaries of neighbourhood planning in England Edinburgh 01/07/2014.
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