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Dr Sarah Burden

About Dr Sarah Burden

Sarah is a Registered Nurse, an experienced Nursing academic and a Senior Fellow of the HEA. Following clinical practice in intensive care and medicine, she has been involved in higher education across a range of pre-and post-registration and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes in the UK.

Sarah currently sits on the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Education Forum Steering Committee, where she has contributed to publications on Placement Learning and a review of mentoring practices. She has been on the Organising & Scientific Committees for the RCN Education Forum Conferences (2017 & 2018), as well as a member of the international Scientific Review Committee for NETNEP 2018, 7th International Nurse Education Conference in Banff, Canada. In addition, Sarah has worked as a pre-publication reviewer for a number of skills and simulation texts, and reviews for Journal of Advanced Nursing, and Nurse Education in Practice.

Widely experienced in curriculum development and delivery, her teaching, research supervision and activity is concerned with practice based education and assessment, and skills development in End of Life Care and Medicines Management.

Current Teaching

Appointed as a Reader in Learning & Teaching in 2017, following her leadership as Co-Director of Practice Learning for the School of Health and Community Studies, Sarah teaches on both undergraduate and CPD nursing programmes and continues to provide support and advice to a range of practice based education initiatives both internally and externally.

Sarah has been involved in a number of practice focused projects across West Yorkshire, to support situated learning and the assessment of professional knowledge and competence. Funded projects include the West Yorkshire Nursing Simulation in Practice Project (WYSNPP) examining the role of simulation in nursing pre-registration programmes on behalf of the NMC. The development of a Single Practice Assessment Tool for pre-registration nursing, the development of a Multi-professional eLearning Mentor update package and current development and implementation of an e-Practice Assessment platform for pre-registration nursing.

Her teaching responsibilities range across a number of nursing modules relating to clinical skills, Long Term Conditions, End of Life Care, Medicines Management, and Mentor and Practice Teacher preparation. Influenced by coaching principles, and Narrative Pedagogy, her teaching approaches are situated in a Community of Practice to foster shared learning and confidence for all students.

Research Interests

Research interests focus on education to support workforce and practitioner development and competence. She has conducted studies into the anxiety experienced by student nurses involved in End of Life Care, and examined mentor judgements and decision making regarding student competence in practice. Sarah is a member of the Centre for Dementia Research at Leeds Beckett University and has been involved in the study “What works in Dementia Education and Training” alongside Professor Claire Surr, contributing to data analysis and summaries in Work Package 3.

Sarah is concerned with the impact of education and training on service user experience, the capability of practitioners to deliver skilled, quality care, and the effect of education upon individual practitioner development. Her PhD study examined mentor judgements and decision making regarding student competence in practice. Study insights have contributed to curriculum developments, supported external reviews of mentoring, and contributed to a national summit (2016) on Practice Based Education facilitated by the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC), Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and Council of Deans for Health (CoDH) in London. As well as a range of publications, Sarah has also been invited to deliver a number of keynote presentations regarding her work.

Sarah is currently involved in evaluating the use of simulation to develop student skills in End of Life Care and in the acute management of medical problems in Mental Health settings. Experienced in Mixed Methods design and implementation, and a range of survey and qualitative methods, including Repertory Grid and Thematic Analysis, Sarah is currently supervising the following PhD projects:

  • The Culture of Learning: Do student nurses in the UK feel they experience Intelligent Kindness during their practice placements.
  • The analytical exploration of Pre-Registration Children’s Nurses in Children’s Play in both the Academic and Clinical setting.
  • The development of a model to measure perioperative practitioners perceived technical and non-technical competence, exploring the future educational and training requirements to ensure effective perioperative services.
  • To what extent are Person Centred Care Principles, Choice and inclusion evidenced in the assessment and decision making process for placement in permanent Residential Care for those living with Dementia in England?
  • A critical assessment of the impact of restorative communication on social work student placement outcomes.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (3)

Conference proceedings (peer reviewed) (6)

  • CLARK L; BURDEN S (2012) Incorporating volunteering experience within a pre-registration programme: a case study of volunteering in Nepal. Poster presentation. In: Royal College of Nursing Education Forum Conference . The Majestic Hotel, Harrogate: , pp. .
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  • ROBBINS MA; LISLE J; BURDEN S; PARKER S; GOULD K; FEE S; HOWE C (2010) It's all about the future- Taking a collaborative approach to practice assessment across the Yorkshire and Humber region. In: RCN Education Forum Conference "Partners in Practice" . Blackpool: , pp. .
  • BURDEN S (2009) Developing Confidence for practice: the student experience of formative objective structured clinical assessments for medicines management in an undergraduate nursing programme. In: International Networking for Education in Healthcare Conference University of Cambridge 08/09/2009 00:00:00. Cambridge: , pp. 224-225.
  • BURDEN S; MCEWAN A (2009) A comprehensive approach to skills development in medicines managament and non-medical prescribing across pre- and post-registration nursing curricula: a medicines: a medicines skills escalator. In: International Networking for Education in Healthcare Conference University of Cambridge 08/09/2009 00:00:00. Cambridge: , pp. 12-13.
  • BURDEN S; PORTER J; GOULD K; BELCHER R; BATES F (2009) They said it couldn't be done! Working together to improve the student placement experience. In: International Networking for Education in Healthcare Conference University of Cambridge 08/09/2009 00:00:00. Cambridge: , pp. 196-197.
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