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Dr Sophia Price

About Dr Sophia Price

Sophia Price is Head of Politics and International Relations at Leeds Beckett University and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She previously worked for the Open University and the University of Manchester, where she completed her ESRC funded PhD on the European Union’s relations with Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific Group.

Sophia's research focuses on the European Union's external relations, particularly its provision of development aid and it links to trade liberalisation. As a feminist political economist her work explores the gendered dimension of trade and of financial inclusion and poverty reduction strategies.

Sophia has published a wide range of works on gender and development policy, the EU’s external relations with the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Group, EU and UK relations with West Africa and the political economy of trade and aid.

Sophia is a co-editor of the Lynne Rienner Book Series in International Political Economy, is co-lead of the Leeds Beckett CeASR Global Inequalities Research Group and is the Research Ethics Coordinator for the Leeds School of Social Sciences.

Current Teaching

  • Level 4 World Politics
  • Level 5 Active Citizenship
  • Level 6 Governing Globalisation

PhD Supervisions:

  • Moses Okech Microfinance, Gender, Empowerment and the Construction of Market Citizens in Uganda ( Awarded 2018)
  • Adewale Aderemi Political economy of oil policy & development in Nigeria & Indonesia ( Awarded 2016)
  • Musiliu Okesina The Impact of Microfinance on Women's Empowerment: A Case study of Rivers State, Nigeria

Research Interests

Sophia's current research is focused on the impact of Brexit on the UK's Global Role , particularly UK-West Africa relations, and on the operation of the EU's development cooperation, particularly in relation to EU-West Africa relations. She is also conducted research on the gendered dimension of EU development cooperation policies.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (12)

Chapters (6)

  • Langan M; Price S (2020) Toward a post-Westphalian turn in Africa-EU studies? Non-state actors and sustainable development. In: Haastrup T; Mah L; Duggan N The Routledge Handbook of EU-Africa Relations. : Routledge, pp. .
    View Repository Record
  • Price S (2019) The imaginings of West Yorkshire's futures'. In: Carlisle E; Martin I; Wilson A What kind of Region Do We Want to Live in? Region-building Ideas and Activity in West Yorkshire. : , pp. .
  • Price S (2018) Gender rights and trade agreements. In: Looney RE Handbook of International Trade Agreements Country, Regional and Global Approaches. Abingdon, Oxon.: Routledge, pp. 112-121.
  • Price S (2017) Feminism. In: Wetherly P Political Ideologies, Politics and Policy. : , pp. .
  • Price S; langan M (2016) Democracy and Human Rights Discourse in the Africa-EU Partnership: Normative Cover for Structural Violence in Free Trade Structures. In: Badru (Author), O; Offor F Transnational democracy Human Rights and Race Relations Philosophical Perspectives. : , pp. .
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  • Price S (2001) The political economy of Europe's External Relations: The historical evolution of the Lomé Convention. In: Levrat N; Willa P EU External Capability and Influence in International Relations. : Institut Européen de l'Université de Genève, pp. .http://geneva/

Conference contributions (4)

  • Langan M; Price S (2015) 'West Africa, Europe and the EPA Development Programme' Cork, Ireland .
  • Price S (2015) Political Economy of Microfinance: Entrepreneurialism, (Dis)empowerment and Risk New Orleans 17/02/2015.
  • Mothersdale J; Price S; Glew P (2011) Embedding Blended Learning into the Curriculum Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, UK 08/06/2011.
  • Price S (2008) Reforming EU-Africa Relations: A Case Study of the EU and SADC Exeter, UK 15/12/2008. Open University.

Reports (1)

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