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Dr Stuart Flint

Dr Stuart Flint
Contact Details
Dr Stuart Flint

Senior Research Fellow

Carnegie School Of Sport

0113 81 22047 S.W.Flint@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

About Dr Stuart Flint

Dr Stuart Flint is a psychologist with a specific interest in the psychosocial effects of obesity; in particular obesity stigmatisation and discrimination, conscious and unconscious attitudes, body image, attitude and behaviour change and factors that influence exercise participation.

Dr Flint conducts research in the area of obesity and public health. His primary area of focus examines weight stigmatisation and discrimination. He has used quantitative and qualitative methods to examine the formation and maintenance of stigmatising attitudes using conscious and unconscious measures. His research also examines the effectiveness of interventions to reduce stigma. He continues to research in this area with current areas of interest including obesity discrimination in the workplace.

Dr Flint also conducts research examining unhealthy food and drink consumption. In particular, he is interested in the formation of unhealthy food and drink attitudes and behaviours. Current work in this area includes unhealthy food and drink marketing and nudging to improve food and drink choice.

Research Interests

Dr Flint's research has highlighted the prevalence of weight stigma and discrimination in UK adults, the influence of the media in the formation of stigmatising attitudes and discriminatory behaviour, and the robustness of stigmatising attitudes. His research has also highlighted the settings where weight stigma and discrimination may occur including exercise environments and the workplace. His research has highlighted that weight discrimination occurs in workplace recruitment, as well as identifying loopholes in current UK employment law.

Dr Flint's research has also highlighted that the role of marketing in the formation of favourable attitudes towards unhealthy food and drink products. He has highlighted that food and drink brands do not adhere to responsible marketing campaigns such as targeting children and vulnerable people.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (26)

Chapters (1)

  • McTigue P; Flint SW; Snook J (2018) HIV/AIDS, Obesity and stigma: a new era for non-discrimination law?. In: McTigue P; Flint SW; Snook J . : , pp. .
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