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Dr Tamara Turner-Moore

Dr Tamara Turner-Moore
Contact Details
Dr Tamara Turner-Moore

Senior Lecturer

Leeds School Of Social Sciences

0113 81 26013 T.Turner-Moore@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

About Dr Tamara Turner-Moore

Tamara is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at our University, having joined us as a Lecturer in 2009. In her time with us she has served in a variety of roles of responsibility, including Psychology Postgraduate Research Tutor, Chair of the Psychology Research Ethics Committee, Course Leader for the BSc (Hons) Psychology with Criminology degree, and founder and co-ordinator of the Centre for Applied Social Research's Early Career Researcher Network. Previously, Tamara had worked as an Associate Lecturer at Leeds Trinity University College, and in a variety of research and teaching assistant positions at the University of Leeds.

Tamara Turner-Moore’s work focuses on sexual violence, abuse, bullying and harassment. Her research in these areas extends to victim-survivors and perpetrators, as well as adults, young people and children. Tamara’s overarching interest is in informing policy, practice and theory regarding sexual violence and abuse, identifying the forms that sexual violence and abuse take, and what supports and prevents these in individuals, families, communities and societies. Tamara’s work also encompasses sex and sexuality, including sexual thoughts and fantasies, and socially stigmatised and/or problematic sexual practices. She is co-lead of the Genders and Sexualities programme of the Centre for Psychological Research. In 2014, Tamara was shortlisted for Leeds Beckett’s Researcher of the Year, along with Dr Kate Milnes. An active member of NOTA’s Prevention Committee, she also co-organises and contributes to public engagement events on sexual violence and abuse.

Current Teaching

Tamara has taught at all levels of the BSc (Hons) Psychology course and on the MSc Psychology (Conversion Award). She is Module Leader for the final year elective module Forensic Psychology, which has an emphasis on how social inequalities shape understandings of crime and criminal justice responses, and she teaches research methods on the MSc course. Tamara also supervises student research at undergraduate and postgraduate level. She is keen to hear from prospective MRes and PhD students in her areas of interest. Her current PhD students include:

  • Lauren Smith: Consensual and non-consensual drug-involved sexual experiences (Director of Studies).
  • Saskia Jones: Young people’s understandings of power inequalities within sexual relationships and implications for sexual consent (Second supervisor).
  • Leona Mydlowski: The police’s role in assessing and managing men on the Sex Offenders’ Register (Second supervisor).
  • Emma Longfellow: Therapeutic approaches for sexual thoughts of children and coercion in men convicted of sexual offences (Director of Studies); part-funded by an NHS bursary.

Tamara has a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE) and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA). In 2015, she was nominated for Fantastic Feedback, and in 2016, for Undergraduate Supervisor of the Year, by the student cohort for the University's Golden Robe Awards.

Research Interests

Tamara’s research interests include: sexual violence, abuse, bullying and harassment; sex and sexuality; intersections with power and social inequalities; research-informed prevention and rethinking and improving society’s responses to sex, sexuality, sexual violence and abuse; interdisciplinarity and methodology, particularly participatory, creative and mixed methods; and collaborating with practitioners and other researchers.

Tamara’s recent and current projects:

  • Addressing Sexual Bullying Across Europe (ASBAE):
    This project aimed to explore young people’s (13-18) awareness and experiences of sexual bullying across five European countries and to develop a peer-led interactive workshop to help young people to recognise and address sexual bullying, including sexual harassment and coercion, bullying related to a person's sexual identity or expression, and transphobic bullying. This multi-national project was funded by the European Commission and represented a collaboration with Dr Kate Milnes (co-lead) and Professor Brendan Gough at Leeds Beckett University and five NGOs. The findings from the ASBAE project have been discussed in the House of Commons and were included in the Women and Equalities Committee’s Inquiry into Sexual Harassment and Violence in Schools.
  • Facilitating Communication on Sexual Topics in Education (F-COSTE):
    This project aimed to explore how Relationships and Sex Education and communication in schools on sexual bullying and pornography could be improved, particularly using creative methods. Funded by the University’s Research Cluster Award, this multi-disciplinary project involved seven researchers from five Schools within the University (Dr Kate Milnes, co-lead; Dr Kitrina Douglas; Professor David Carless; Dr Jon Tan; Dr Erika Laredo; Andrew Sandham). Examples of films produced as part of the F-COSTE project.
  • The Sexual Thoughts Project (STP): The current focus of this project is on the sexual thoughts and fantasies of men who are sexually attracted to children but who have not acted on their attraction. This is a collaboration with Professor Mitch Waterman at the University of Leeds and Professor Elizabeth Letourneau at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA. This part of the project is jointly funded by Johns Hopkins, Leeds Beckett and the University of Leeds. As a result of her earlier work on sexual thoughts, Tamara advised the Ministry of Justice on the redevelopment of their interventions for men convicted of sexual offences.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (4)

  • Carless D; Douglas K; Milnes K; Turner-Moore T (In press), 'Everyone Knows Me as the Weird Kid': Being Bisexual, Genderfluid and Fifteen
    View Repository Record
  • Douglas K; Carless D; Milnes K; Turner-Moore T; Tan J; Laredo E (2019), New technologies of representation, collaborative autoethnographies and 'taking it public': An example from 'Facilitating Communication on Sexual Topics in Education'
    View Repository Record
  • Turner-Moore T; Waterman M (2017), Men Presenting With Sexual Thoughts of Children or Coercion: Flights of Fancy or Plans for Crime?
    View Repository Record
  • COLLEY A; TODD Z; WHITE A; TURNER-MOORE T (2010), Communication using camera phones among young men and women: Who sends what to whom?

Conference contributions (15)

  • Turner-Moore T; Milnes K (2018) Sexual bullying in young people London 20181112. : .
  • McCartan K; Turner-Moore T (2018) Prevention & me: Preventing sexual abuse in my everyday life and including it in my practice Glasgow . : .
  • Smith L; Kolokotroni KZ; Turner-Moore T (2018) A Mixed-Methods Exploration of Sober, Alcohol and Drug-Involved Sexual Experiences: Wantedness, Willingness and Sexual Consent Practises Glasgow 20180919. : .
  • Milnes K; Turner-Moore T (2018) Why bullying definitions matter and why intent, repetition and directness might be 'red herrings' Cumberland Lodge, Windsor . : .
  • Douglas K; Carless D; Milnes K; Turner-Moore T; Tan J; Laredo E (2017) Autoethnographies and new technologies of representation: An example from F-COSTE, a funded project exploring bullying and sexual topics in education University of Illinois . : .
  • Turner-Moore T; Milnes K (2016) Sexual bullying among young people: Findings from a two-year European project Basis Yorkshire, Leeds 20161108. : .
  • Turner-Moore T; Milnes K (2015) Gendered understandings and experiences of sexual bullying in young people University of Northampton 20150624. : .
  • Milnes K; Turner-Moore T (2015) Problematising young people's individualistic and interpersonal explanations for sexual bullying University of Northampton 20150624. : .
  • Turner-Moore T; Waterman M (2015) Sexual offenders' sexual thoughts and fantasies and their links with sexual offending Leicester 20150610. : .
  • Turner-Moore T; Waterman M (2015) "They fear that they're gonna be viewed as a massive deviant fantasy and a penis": Research on sexual offenders' sexual thoughts and practitioners' reflections on the implications for treatment Stirling, Scotland 20150324. : .
  • Turner-Moore T; Waterman MG (2013) Adult men's typical and atypical sexual thoughts and relationships with sexual offending Harrogate International Centre, Harrogate, UK 20130409. : .
  • Turner-Moore T; Waterman M (2013) Making a difference: Connecting research and practice in the Sexual Thoughts Project. Cardiff, UK . : .
  • Turner-Moore T; Waterman M; Briggs D (2013) Efforts in the UK regarding sexual offenders' sexual thoughts: Connecting research with policy, prevention and practice. Chicago, USA . : .
  • Turner-Moore T; Waterman M (2013) From sexual thoughts to sexual offences. Madrid, Spain . : .
  • Turner-Moore T; Waterman M (2012) The sexual thoughts reported by sexual offenders: Implications for management and treatment London, UK . : .

Newsletters (1)

  • Turner-Moore T; Waterman M (2013), Making a difference: Connecting research and practice in the Sexual Thoughts Project.

Newspaper or magazine articles (1)

  • Smith L; Turner-Moore T; Kolokotroni KZ (2018), Chemsex exemplifies much wider issues with drugs and sexual consent

Open educational resources (1)

  • Milnes K; Turner-Moore T; Zoppi I; Secchi F; Denison J; Gatere L; Gough B; Haslam C; Taneva T; Zajsek T (2015), Awareness, Co-operation, Tackling to Stop Sexual Bullying: An empowerment pack for young people and the people working with them (The ACT Pack).
    View Repository Record

Other (1)

  • Gatere L; Milnes K; Turner-Moore T (2015), Pre-training manual for professionals who plan to attend the 'ACT pack' training.

Reports (2)

  • Milnes K; Turner-Moore T; Gough B; Denison J; Gatere L; Haslam C; Videva D; Zajsek T; Zoppi I (2015) Sexual bullying in young people across five European countries: Summary research report for the Addressing Sexual Bullying Across Europe (ASBAE) project. . Leeds: Leeds Beckett University.
    View Repository Record
  • Milnes K; Turner-Moore T; Gough B; Denison J; Gatere L; Haslam C; Videva D; Zajsek T; Zoppi I (2015) Sexual bullying in young people across five European countries: Research report for the Addressing Sexual Bullying Across Europe (ASBAE) project. . Leeds: Leeds Beckett University.
    View Repository Record
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