Dr Tanefa Apekey, Senior Lecturer

Dr Tanefa Apekey

Senior Lecturer

Dr Tanefa Apekey is a Senior Lecturer in Nutrition at the Leeds Beckett School of Health and a Registered Nutritionist (Public Health). She worked previously as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Leeds and Lecturer/Senior Lecturer at Leeds Trinity University.

Tanefa’s current research focuses on the development of novel, reliable and comprehensive nutrient composition data for popular multi-ethnic foods in the UK. She has produced a new nutrient composition data of popularly consumed traditional West and North Africa and Caribbean foods in UK. This new data will be added to the UK nutrient database. As part of her research programme on migrant health, this new nutrient database will be used to develop culturally acceptable education programmes on choosing healthy diets and as well as interventions to reduce inequalities in nutrition related disorders in UK migrants.

Current Teaching

Course leader MSc Nutrition in Practice

Placement co-ordinator Module lead for:

  • Research Methods for Nutrition
  • Research and Practice Development
  • Research Methods Statistics and Evaluation
  • Professional and Collaborative Practice

Research Interests

Nutrient database

  • Production of comprehensive nutrient database of popular ethnic foods in UK. This includes popular West and North African and as well as Caribbean foods in UK.

Diet and nutrition survey of UK migrants

  • Use New Nutrient data of ethnic foods to conduct diet and nutrition surveys in UK migrants.
  • Development of culturally appropriate public health initiatives using community engagement module. The aim is to educate and empower individuals to engage in healthy lifestyle.
  • Design and delivery of a wide range of nutrition-related, community-based health invents aimed at educating and raising awareness about diet and health in migrant communities.


  • Trans-discipline collaboration with academics and migrant hubs, focused on the design and delivery of a wide range of nutrition-related, community-based health invents aimed at educating and raising awareness about diet and health, capacity-building for all partners and the development of urgently needed public health policies and interventions that will raise the health profile of UK migrants.
  • Collaboration with colleague at the University of Bristol on systematic reviews and meta-analysis, most of which have been published in reputable international journals.
Dr Tanefa Apekey, Senior Lecturer

Selected Outputs

  • Kunutsor SK; Abbasi A; Apekey TA (In press) Aspartate Aminotransferase – Risk Marker for Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus or Red Herring?. Frontiers in Endocrinology, 5


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  • Ricotti G; Apekey TA; Gatenby L (2015) Factors that influence commitment to breastfeeding: a pilot study. Journal of Health Visiting, 3 (4), pp. 216-223.


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