Dr Wayne Roberts, Course Director

Dr Wayne Roberts

Course Director

Dr Wayne Roberts joined Leeds Beckett University in 2018 as the Course Director for Biomedical Science degree programmes. His research expertise is in the role platelets and platelet microparticles play in disease states.

Wayne graduated with a BSc (hons) Biomedical Sciences from the University of Bradford in 2004 before completing a PhD funded by Heart Research UK looking at the regulation of blood platelet activation. He next moved to Hull York Medical School for a British Heart Foundation funded postdoctoral position, which focussed on the regulation of platelet activation in health and disease. Following completion of a PGCE, he was employed as a lecturer in Medical Sciences at Bradford University. Wayne supervises a number of research projects at Leeds Beckett University examining how dysregulation of blood platelets can enhance disease progression.

Current Teaching

Biomedical Sciences BSc and MSc programmes, specialising in blood sciences, cardiovascular disease and cancer biology.

Research Interests

Wayne's main research expertise is in examining platelet function in health and disease. Whilst platelets play an important role in haemostasis, if inappropriately activated thrombosis and cardiovascular disease can result. Blood platelets additionally release a wealth of signalling molecules and produce microparticles, which can promote new tissue growth and wound healing. Cancer cells are capable of co-opting these signals however to promote tumorigenesis. His current work includes:

  • Analysing how differential miRNA expression patterns in platelet microparticles from diabetic patients impacts on tumorigenesis
  • Determining how platelet microparticles alters the chemosensitivity of colorectal cancer
  • Examining how AMP kinase activating drugs can alter platelet activation and metabolism
  • Investigating the ability of anti-platelet agents to disrupt platelet-cancer cross talk
Dr Wayne Roberts, Course Director

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