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Duncan Webb

About Duncan Webb

Selected Publications

Journal articles (23)

Chapters (1)

  • ADDY P; WEBB D (2011) Energy Saving Technologies for Conventional Dwellings - A 'Whole House Concept. In: HOWLETT RJ; JAIN LC; LEE SH Sustainability in Energy and Buildings. : SIST 7, pp. 45-55.

Conference proceedings (13)

  • Jones A; Robinson J; O'Toole B; Webb D (2006) Implementing a bespoke supply chain management system to deliver tangible benefits. In: . : Springer Science and Business Media LLC, pp. 927-937.
  • Luo X; Cheng K; Webb D; Wardle F (2005) Design of ultraprecision machine tools with applications to manufacture of miniature and micro components. In: . : Elsevier BV, pp. 515-528.
  • Jones A; Robinson J; O'Toole B; Webb D (2004) The implementation and evaluation of a 'micro' supply chain management system in a medium-sized UK manufacturer. In: . : , pp. 159-170.
  • Liu XW; Cheng K; Webb D; Longstaff AP; Widiyarto MH; Jiang XQ; Blunt L; Ford DG (2003) Investigation of the cutting force coefficients in ball-end milling. In: . : , pp. 45-54.
  • Holt RN; Cheng K; Webb D; Wardle F (2003) Development of a test rig system for a new generation of aerostatic bearings. In: . : , pp. 323-328.
  • Atkinson NJR; Cheng K; Webb D (2003) Investigation into a web-based rotography product database. In: . : , pp. 14-18.
  • Jones A; O'Toole B; Webb D; Robinson J (2003) Impact and effectiveness of a change agent in the development of the operations systems in an SME. In: . : , pp. 423-428.
  • Cheng K; Luo X; Webb D (2001) A novel systematic approach to modeling precision-machined surfaces based on mathematical transforms. In: . : , pp. 259-268.
  • Thomas A; Webb D (2001) The college business partnership scheme and its impact on the technical development of SMEs in South Wales. In: . : , pp. 87-93.
  • Wijayathunga N; Webb D; Kormi K (2001) Finite element simulation of impulsive drawing of square cups. In: . : , pp. 241-246.
  • Yu L; Webb D; Reedman D (2001) FE simulation of a rolling contact problem in a shoe-assembly process. In: . : , pp. 105-110.
  • Yu L; Webb D (2001) A FEM investigation of the impact response of square cross-sectioned hollow tubes. In: . : , pp. 253-258.
  • Knowles M; Webb D (2001) The economic effects of the abandonment of industrial metrication in the UK. In: . : , pp. 53-56.
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