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Emlyn Butterfield

About Emlyn Butterfield

Emlyn leads all undergraduate and postgraduate Computer Forensics & Security provision at Leeds Beckett University. With over 8 years’ experience as an Expert Witness and Forensic Manager in industry, Emlyn brings together the worlds of academia and industry.

Emlyn has over 8 years’ experience as a digital forensic analyst, working as an expert in criminal and civil cases. This has included the analysis of over 400 mobile devices and computers - working in either a professional or expert witness capacity. Emlyn has experience of providing both professional and expert verbal evidence in Crown Court and tribunals, and providing technical expertise and guidance to both the prosecution and defence.

Prior to joining our University, Emlyn worked as a Forensics Manager, Expert Witness and Senior Forensic Analyst at three forensic service providers based in the Midlands, implementing procedures and policies, undertaking a range of case work and the development of other staff.

Emlyn is undertaking a PhD that is looking at the application of automation and semantic systems within digital forensics.

Current Teaching

  • BSc Computer Forensics
  • BSc Computer Forensics and Security
  • MSc Computer Security
  • MSc Digital Forensics and Security
  • Level 4 Forensics and Security
  • Level 5 Network Forensics and Security
  • Level 5 Team Project
  • Level 6 Digital Forensic Analysis
  • Level 6 Advanced Digital Forensics
  • Level 6 Production Project
  • Level 7 Dissertation
  • Level 7 Forensic Analysis of Alternative Devices
  • Level 7 Digital Evidence Analysis
  • Level 7 Network Security Firewalls and VPNs
  • Level 7 Hacking Techniques Tools and Incident Handling
  • Level 7 Security Strategies for Web Applications and Social Networks
Transforming our lives online: "We want to make the online environment safer for all." - Emlyn Butterfield - School of Computing, Creative Technologies & Engineering

Research Interests

Emlyn is undertaking a PhD that is looking at the application of automation and semantic systems within digital forensics.

The development of technology, and its integration within society, in recent years has led to the mass market of relatively inexpensive digital devices; capable of storing terabytes of data. The increase in data has led to a vast increase in workload for forensic examiners, in particular in the law enforcement arena, meaning that backlogs are now present, in instances up to 3 years and many with 6 months to 1 year. Not only does a backlog impact on the criminal justice system of any country, it also negatively impacts on the the life of the individual under investigation. This research looks to identify news tools and processes that will automate and expedite the forensic analysis process.

Selected Publications

Chapters (1)

  • Butterfield E (2014) High-tech investigations of cyber crime. In: Butterfield E Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism Investigator's Handbook. : Syngress Press, pp. 59-70.

Working papers (1)

  • Gray D; Blackburn M; Butterfield EM; Harrison P; Kelsey S; Window L (2012), Virtual EQ - the talent differentiator in 2020?.
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