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Felix is a research assistant in the Leeds Sustainability Institute, his work focuses on the thermal performance of dwellings undergoing thermal retrofit, specialising in elemental thermal modelling and in-situ performance testing of dwellings, particularly issues around thermal bridging.

Felix Studied architectural technology at university and now applies the skills learned to his work as a researcher in the Leeds sustainability institute, within the School of the Built environment and Engineering.

Felix’s work within the LSI focuses primarily on domestic energy performance, particularly the effectiveness of thermal retrofit upgrades to building fabric. Research activities undertaken include in-situ thermal performance testing of buildings; both testing of a whole building or individual elements. Undertaking spot fabric air tightness testing and leakage detection.

Felix also works on the theoretical thermal performance of building fabric, Using thermal simulation software to model heat flow through modelled building elements to calculate the U-values of plane elements and assess the thermal bridging at junctions in building fabric.

Current Teaching

Research Interests

Felix’s research interests are primarily in the thermal performance of domestic construction, particularly the effectiveness of thermal retrofits. Work carried out in this area currently focusses on the assessment of internal wall insulation fitted to solid walled dwellings; this work is being carried out to inform government domestic energy policy.

Felix is currently studying for a PhD at Leeds Beckett University, on the subject of unintended condensation risks associated with the installation of internal wall insulation in solid walled dwellings, the ultimate goal of this research is to provide guidance to designers and installers to avoid condensation and mould problems.

Selected Publications