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Gill Phillips

About Gill Phillips

A Principal Lecturer within the School of Rehabilitation and Health Sciences, Gill is the Academic Lead for Course Development and Curriculum Enhancement.

Within Physiotherapy, Gill’s area of clinical expertise is Cardio-Respiratory care. Having gained extensive experience in Paediatric Intensive Care and Cystic Fibrosis through clinical practice and research, Gill worked as a Research Fellow at the Royal Brompton Hospital and Imperial College London before moving into Education provision full time. Initially a Lecturer at Kings College London, Gill joined Leeds Beckett University in 2002.

As part of the School Leadership Team, Gill’s responsibility for course development and curriculum enhancement also includes provision of CPD programmes of study in Physiotherapy and Sports and Exercise Medicine. Collaborative working with other professionals within the Faculty supports NHS commissioned educational pathways.


Gill is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and is a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP). Gill is also a graduate of the Institute of Leadership and Management and a Fellow of the Higher Education Authority.

Current Teaching

Gill leads the cardio-vascular and respiratory modules for both the MSc Physiotherapy (pre registration) and BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy programmes. She is a module tutor also on the research modules for both programmes and is module lead for Physiology with the MSc students. Gill also inputs into the professional skills for physiotherapy modules and is the physiotherapy lead for non-medical prescribing.

Research Interests

A keen advocate of helping students develop an interest and competency in clinical research, Gill has supported a range of projects including experiences of living with primary ciliary dyskinesia; therapies in cystic fibrosis; physical activity in autism and physiotherapy in palliative care.

Completing a Professional Doctorate in Education, Gill’s current research interests include: vocational training in the virtual classroom; the enhancement of employability through curriculum development and physiotherapy profiles in education.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (10)

  • South J; Phillips G (2014) Evaluating community engagement as part of the public health system
    View Repository Record
  • BENHAM A; PHILIPS G; JOHNSON M (2010) An experimental study on the self-report of acupuncture needle sensation during deep needling with bi-directional rotation
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  • Al-Assaf S; Navaratnam S; Parsons BJ; Phillips GO (2006) Chain scission of hyaluronan by carbonate and dichloride radical anions: Potential reactive oxidative species in inflammation?
  • Aziz ZA; Wells AU; Bateman ED; Copley SJ; Desai SR; Grutters JC; Milne DG; Phillips GD; Smallwood D; Wiggins J (2006) Interstitial Lung Disease: Effects of Thin-Section CT on Clinical Decision Making
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  • Phillips GE; Pike S; Jaffe A; Bush A (1998) Comparison of the active cycle of breathing techniques and external high frequency oscillation jacket for clearance of secretions in children with cystic fibrosis
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