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Joan Love
Contact Details
Joan Love

Senior Lecturer

Leeds School Of Arts

0113 81 24057

About Joan Love

Joan Love is a senior lecturer and an artist who has experience of interior design in architectural practice. Her on-going research explores innovative, art-based approaches within the early stages of design development, currently encompassing autism-friendly environments.

Since 1988 Joan has worked as an interior designer for two large London based architecture and design practices, Austin-Smith: Lord and DEGW. After moving north in 1994, she worked as a freelance designer for Braithwaite + Jackman, Architects, Leeds, and then formed her own design practice.

Joan became a Senior Lecturer and Level Four Co-ordinator on BA(Hons) Interior Architecture + Design in 2001.

Joan’s research focus, for the last six years, has encompassed educating future designers to design environments for autistic users. This is an ongoing pedagogic project, with eight local SEND schools.

She is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA, 2015), a Member of Leeds Autism Research Group (LARG LAB, 2019), a Member of Interior Educators (2009) and a Member of The Chartered Society of Designers (CSD, 1988).

Current Teaching

  • BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design
    • IAD4.1 Design Fundamentals:
      • Instruments + Tools. Drawing, Modelling, Digital.
    • IAD4.2 Sculpting Interior Space
      • Concept, Materials + Making.
    • IAD4.4 Interiors Reinvented:
      • Design Report. Research, Analysis, Innovation.
    • IAD4.5 Interiors Reinvented: 
      • Design Imagination, Experimentation, Intuition, Creativity, Ambition, Individuality.
    • IAD6.5 Spaces Re-imagined:
      • Design Culmination. Major Design Project Part Three.

Research Interests

Joan has contributed towards The National Autistic Societies, Network Autism, Knowledge base. Please read her latest article, Tips for creating autism-friendly school environments.

Recent experimental research uncovers new information in the form of ‘10 spatial transitioning platforms’ relating to behaviour-informed design.

Current research involves the cross-disciplinary inputs of a sensory integration practitioner and a positive behaviour analyst. The advancement of designing for autism is at the centre of the research, assisting future professionals to create responsive spatial environments.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (2)

Artworks (3)

  • Love JS (2012), Balance 1
  • Love JS (2011), Homage to Muybridge
  • Love JS (2010), The Autistic Brain

Chapters (1)

  • Macdermott J; Appleyard G; Dixon P; Love JS (2012) Emotion, Emotion, Emotion the Spirit of Being Human. In: Rodgers P Interiors Education Futures. : Libri Publishing Ltd, pp. .

Exhibitions (1)

  • Love J. Too Much Information (2019), 12/10/2019-11/01/2020

Internet publications (1)

  • Love J (2019), How autism-friendly architecture can change autistic children's lives.

Other (2)

  • Love J (2019), Autism-friendly design recommendations incorporated into 'The National Autistic Societies' knowledge base.
  • Love J (2019), Autism & Behavioural Design: Inter-Disciplinary Knowledge Sharing Session.
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