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Currently completing PhD in Interdisciplinary Fine Art working between art and architecture - 'Along Horizontality: An Interdisciplinary Method to Activate Edgelands'. This uses Rosalind Krauss's Visual Method and examines its attributes as an interdisciplinary drawing and spatial practice. Written as part of the Formless: A User's Guide document by Yve-Alain Bois and Rosalind Krauss in response to George Bataille's informe, it puts horizontality as a practice method using lively lines, weight and gravity in relation to the informe of architecture, edge lands, those waste zones that Bois identifies as entropic.

As a critical spatial practice it questions the value of such zones and how they are occupied in feminist spatial drawing practice. A parallel process of drawings and creating active blueprints called 'blubilds' have been developed to jolt such places out of dominant representations and uses. Complimentary to the series of works developed is Horizontality: A User's Guide playfully using Bois and Krauss' format of the Dictionary.

Section P - Procession: 'A Processional Blueprint for Elsewhere' is in the process of publication with The International Journal of Arts In Society, Annual Review, Volume 11. Section T - 'It's so serious doing the twist' was delivered as film and paper at the Stockholm Architecture & Feminisms conference 2016, and submitted for publication.

An Interdisciplinary artist working in critical spatial practices developing 'blubilds' performance and installation drawings, Joanna works as Senior Lecturer and co-ordinator for Critical and Contextual Studies for the Design courses at Leeds Beckett.

As a Critical and Contextual studies lecturer teaching spans Fine Art, the Graphic Arts and Textiles. Joanna is currently working with students from Interior Architecture, Design Products and Fashion. She works at developing students’ inquiry through practice-based and practice-led approaches. Synthesising theory and practice through Lectures, seminars, workshops, Joanna has developed a curriculum that embraces unique research dissemination using alternative formats for writing about art and design.

Currently involved in two research clusters ‘Space’ and ‘Radical Pedagogy’, research interests target spatial practices in terms of gender, performance and drawing, whilst pedagogical interests are in developing students knowledge and inquiry in contextual studies through practice oriented trajectories. Joanna is particularly interested in the role of charts and diagrams as methods of learning, inquiry, organizing knowledge and developing research methods in addition to their innovative use in representing and disseminating practice research.

The use of mapping and diagrammatic approaches, have become central in her drawing, teaching and writing. Visual methods developed from ‘horizontality’ and the 'informe' look at acts to disrupt and intervene to leave strange marks in situations in relation to social and built architecture, she call these ‘blubilds’. Work looks at the borders between forms of drawing, performing and writing as an interwoven and process of dissolution. It informs approaches to cross disciplinary teaching and research to support students to identify their research interests, contemporary concerns and the borders and boundaries of their practice - it is to teach along the ‘edges’.

  • Senior Lecturer for Critical and Contextual Studies to the Design Courses
  • Co-ordinating and teaching role
  • Interior Architecture
  • Design Products
  • Fashion
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Graphic Arts

Selected Publications

Journal articles (3)

  • Geldard JL (In press), A processional Blueprint for our Edgelands: Exploring a Processional Spatial Model between site and elsewhere
  • Geldard JL (2017), A Processional Blueprint for Our Edgelands: Exploring a Processional Spatial Model between Site and Elsewhere
  • Geldard JL; Leah Geldard J (2013), The Frame and The Blueprint
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Conference contributions (2)

  • Geldard JL (2016) It's so serious doing the twist Stockholm, Sweden 01/01/2016.
  • Geldard JL (2015) Invited paper presentation by Joanna Leah Geldard Leeds College of Art (now Leeds Arts University) 01/01/2015.

Exhibitions (1)

  • Geldard JL. Diagrammatic Writing, 01/07/2017-30/09/2017

Other (2)

  • Geldard JL (2017), Image Publication in The Lost Diagrams Of Walter Benjamin, Ma Bibliotheque at Anagram Books, 2017.
  • Geldard JL (2014), Edgelands Arcade

Websites (1)

  • Geldard JL (In press),
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