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Katarzyna Fleming

About Katarzyna Fleming

Katarzyna is a lecturer in Carnegie School of Education. She is currently part of the team shaping the BA in Special Educational Needs, Disability, and Inclusion degree. Her doctoral research was inspired by 13-years professional practice in special schools.

Following the completion of B. Ed. degree in Pedagogy and Social Rehabilitation, Katarzyna worked within the SEN settings for 13 years. This included various roles, as a support worker, HLTA, teacher and a middle leader across all age groups, from primary, through secondary, to post-16 provisions. In 2018 she transferred to a role of a teacher educator in Initial Teacher Training at the Sheffield Institute of Education, where she taught on undergraduate, post-graduate and professional courses, like the NASENCo course. Katarzyna also leads a module on Working with Others in Children Services at Lifelong Learning Centre at the University of Leeds.

In addition to the professional development within her roles, Katarzyna completed her MA. Ed degree in Childhood Education in 2009 and embarked on a part-time PhD course in 2015. To find out more details about Katarzyna’s doctoral research, please refer to her research interest section.

Katarzyna’s current role builds on her experience and expertise as a practitioner, researcher, and educator in the field of Education, Pedagogy and Inclusion.


Current Teaching

  • BA (Hons) Primary Education (Accelerated Degree)
  • BA (Hons) Special Educational Needs, Disability, and Inclusion
  • BA (Hons) Childhood Studies

Research Interests

My doctoral thesis explore partnership working between parents/carers of children and young people categorised as having Special Needs and/or Disability (SEND) and practitioners in education, health and care services following the implementation of the SEND Code of Practice (2015). I investigate these partnerships through the lens of the concept of co-production within the Mixed Methods Research design. The aims of my research surround the empowerment of parental ‘voice’ and the development of platforms where this ‘voice’ can be expressed to enable practitioners’ deeper understanding of parental lived experiences. My intention is to continue this research to enable shared meaning-making of inclusive and co-productive partnerships through the philosophical community of enquiry consisting of parents/carers and practitioners in the future.

Additionally, I am interested in inclusive and dialogic teaching and research methods, particularly in the field of Inclusion. Currently, I engage in the development of communities of philosophical enquiry as means of engaging in critical, creating, collaborative and caring dialogue with students, practitioners, and colleagues. This approach utilises principles of the Philosophy for Children pedagogy (P4C).

In appreciation for the community of practice within the undergraduate, postgraduate and part-time studentship, I organise monthly virtual writing retreats. These gatherings aim at forging a space for students and colleagues who often navigate through multiple commitments; to share our writing goals and to support each other on the quests to completion of our assignments, articles, thesis, or books.

#ThePowerOfWritingCommunity has enabled me to commit to regular, uninterrupted writing tasks where, by sharing this space with other writers, I have accomplished my writing goals. Likewise, colleagues who attend the sessions have found them helpful in carving space and time for writing, as well as sharing their successes and challenges in academic writing practice. I announce details for these retreats on Twitter (@kfleming100) where any writers are welcome to get in touch to join us.

Publications: Mann, G, Hodge, N., Runswick-Cole; K., Gilmore S., Mavropoulou, S., and Fleming, K (2020) 'Inclusive education in the 21st century: Developing productive partnerships with parents and carers' in L. Graham (ed) Inclusive Education for the 21st Century: Theory, Policy and Practice. Sydney: Allen & Unwin

Selected Publications

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