Kate Morland, Research Assistant

Kate Morland

Research Assistant

Kate is a research assistant at the Leeds Sustainability Institute. An architect, she has recently completed her PhD at The University of Sheffield. Before this, her work focused on occupant comfort and satisfaction in new homes and offices.

For her PhD, Kate explored organisational learning in a UK volume housebuilder context and spent twelve weeks over two years shadowing and interviewing staff at a large private housebuilder organisation in the UK. The aim was to understand how a new quality management procedure, implemented from the top down, was being learnt by staff across the organisation. This focus led to Kate’s research becoming inter-disciplinary, spanning both Architecture and Management Schools.

Before embarking on her PhD, Kate worked as part of The University of Sheffield and Leeds Sustainability Institute team as part of the Technology Strategy Board’s Building Performance Evaluation, interviewing residents of a Code Level 6 housing scheme. She has also worked as part of an architectural practice in York, carrying out Building Use Studies Occupant Surveys for a large civic project in Yorkshire.

Research Interests

Kate is currently working as part of the Demonstration of Energy Efficiency Potential (DEEP) team. In addition, her research interests include how learning during the housebuilding process (or lack of) influences new home performance.
Kate Morland, Research Assistant

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