Kevan Burke, Senior Lecturer

Kevan Burke

Senior Lecturer

Kevan is a qualified behavioural scientist having studied psychology, social psychology, sociology and philosophy gaining a first class honours degree. He has a post graduate qualification in advanced research methods and specialises in organisational theory, design and behaviour. Previously he has worked as a consultant in the areas of mental health and criminology and more latterly in business.

Current Teaching

Kevan’s current teaching revolves around:

  • Strategic organisation, management leadership and entrepreneurship
  • Organisation theory and design
  • Management and leadership
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Employee behaviour

Research Interests

Kevan’s research interest is in the area of strategy. Specifically investigating how to develop a unified strategic theory that can be of used to both academic researchers and theoreticians as well as practitioners. The aim is to develop a rigorous and relevant theory of strategy based on a process ontology that emerges from a pragmatic epistemology centred around a post-postitivistic, contingency methodology that concentrates on developing bespoke anti-fragile strategies that benefit from unpredictability, complexity and dynamism in the general task and organisational environments.

Kevan Burke, Senior Lecturer