Killian Ngong

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Killian is a senior Lecturer and chartered civil engineer with significant industry experience of designing and managing the delivery of major highway and transport infrastructure. Specialises in the teaching of highway engineering and transport studies, with research interests in sustainable materials, sustainable travel and construction techniques.

Prior to joining the University in 2013, he spent over 20years in Industry as a chartered Civil Engineering designing and delivering a range of Infrastructure projects for various transport bodies.

He teaches a range of modules at undergraduate and post-graduate levels including Highway Engineering, Materials Science, Final year Major Project and coordinates the Undergraduate dissertations.

He current research interests are focused around sustainable pavement materials and intelligent transport.

Current Teaching

  • Materials Science (Level 4)
  • Highway Engineering A (Level 5)
  • Highways B (Level 6) Major Project (Level 6)
  • Undergraduate and post-graduate Dissertations
  • Materials Science and Technology(MSc)
  • Transportation Studies (MSc)

Research Interests

Research interests focused around:

Developing a range of sustainable paving materials from common waste streams such as plastic bottles, plastic bags, other waste polymers and recycled aggregates such as reclaimed paving materials that have come to the end of their use life, and aggregates from waste incineration which is now being used widely to generate electricity. This will reduce the heavy reliance on quarried aggregates which damage our environment and on petroleum bitumen from crude oil.

Also investigating a system for managing peak period congestion on motorways using a booking tool to optimise upstream capacity (hence preventing flow breakdown at bottlenecks) alongside existing measures such as ramp metering and variable speed limits.

Selected Publications