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Lisa Stephenson, Senior Lecturer

Lisa Stephenson

Senior Lecturer

Course Leader MA in Creativity and Director of the Story Makers Company, Lisa’s practice and research specialism is creative (drama) pedagogy. She works nationally and internationally alongside artist practitioners, schools, cultural organisations and children in areas focused on social change.

As Director and founder of the Story Makers Company, Lisa’s research and practice with schools and cultural organisations develops opportunities for empowering learners through story. She works with a range of vulnerable and marginalised young people using participatory storying interventions alongside national and international theatre, arts practitioners developing research opportunities in areas such as critical pedagogy and children’s positive wellbeing. Drawing on her prior experience as a Primary School teacher and Senior Leader, Lisa also works with teachers to implement creative curriculum and pedagogy. 

Current Teaching

  • Course Leader MA Creativity
  • Module leader for Creative Arts ITE
  • Module Leader Foundation Subjects ITE
  • MA Drama for Social Change
  • MA Dissertation

Research Interests

Research Interests:

Lisa's PhD research focuses on the relationship between creative participation, affective learning and critical reflection that is experienced through making drama. This has a particular focus on drama as a pedagogical tool for 21st Century learning and a presents a model of ethical curriculum. Her story research and practice underpin Story Makers Press. She is involved in a number of related national and international research projects. 

Lisa is Principal Investigator for a project running across BD5 Primary Schools in Bradford. Funded by Teacher Development Fund, the project looks at building children’s oracy and communication skills through drama and supporting teacher to integrate creative learning across the curriculum through a story exchange.

Lisa is Co-Principal Investigator for arted, a trans-European ERASMUS+ funded project which seeks to transfer the knowledge of artists to teachers and parents in order to boost children's wellbeing and creativity.

Lisa is currently evaluating creative therapies across 20 schools. Her current research also looks at digital technology as a tool to amplify story and curriculum through a number of funded projects 

Lisa Stephenson, Senior Lecturer

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