Michelle Lanham, Senior Lecturer

Michelle Lanham

Senior Lecturer

Creative Event Design specialist and practitioner. PhD Research interests include emotion studies particularly studies of pride through participation in large scale events. Member of Leeds bid for European Capital of Culture 2023.

Senior Lecturer in Events Management teaching at both undergraduate and post graduate level. Specialist interests include creativity and innovation in event and business design. Passionate about exploring the practical and theoretical aspects of creativity and fueling the desire of students to reach their own creative potential.

Sociological research background with a key interest in contemporary cultural studies particularly in relation to feelings of collective pride in modern society. Other research areas include experiential marketing, entrepreneurship and the future development of events.

Current Teaching

  • Creative Event Design
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Enterprise and Events
  • Events in Society
  • Future Development of Events
  • Personal Tutoring
  • Placement Supervision

Research Interests

Michelle is currently undergoing her PhD in psychology at Leeds Beckett University where she is focused on exploring examples of collective emotion particularly pride. Her primary research is working in partnership with Leeds City Council and it's wider team who are developing a bid for Leeds to win European Capital of Culture 2023.

The aim of this research is to further develop understandings of collective emotion within a contemporary setting. Emotions studies, with the advancement of neuroscience as one of the drivers, has enjoyed a revival of interest over the past 20 years. It is hoped that this piece of work will begin to develop that even further. Through a collaboration with Leeds City Council and it's bidding team, it is hoped that opportunities on a research and practical level can be made available for students and colleagues here at Leeds Beckett.

Michelle Lanham, Senior Lecturer