Paul Doney, Head of Subject

Paul Doney

Head of Subject

Paul is the Head of Subject for Computing and has more than 20 years of experience working in HE. Paul is an active researcher with interest in persuasive technology.

During Paul's long career in HE and has taken on numerous leadership roles, including course leadership and the role of Subject Group Leader. He oversaw the expansion of the computing curriculum from a single course to a portfolio that included the emerging specialist areas of Computer Forensics and Security and more recently Data Science.

Paul has recently turned his attention to building a stronger research profile and is currently enrolled on a part time research degree. Working with colleagues under the banner of 'Assistive Technologies' Paul has started to investigate ways in which Persuasive Technology can be applied to systems promoting behaviour change in a more effective manner.

Current Teaching

Paul has taught on a wide range of modules, many of which were related to web development. He has taken an increasing interest in team projects and project management, in particular the use of Agile methodologies and practices.

Research Interests

Paul has an interest in HCI issues and in particular applying a user centred approach to the development of digital tools. He is currently registered on a PhD and investigating the use of persuasive technology as applied to systems promoting positive behaviour change. This work is in the context of weight management.

Paul is exploring methods for generating new insights to well established areas of study and is exploring the use of a Design Thinking approach to generating these new insights.

Paul Doney, Head of Subject

Selected Outputs