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About Peter Lewis

Peter Lewis is an artist and curator. His work has extended over two decades, holding posts as varied as the Chief Curator of Sharjah Biennale, and Independent Curator at Kunstverein, Bregenz. He has curated projects at Tramway and Tate Modern, publishing new research in his journal.

Peter Lewis has been involved in artist-curating since 1976, when he began working with the artist and curator Paul Neagu, within his artist-run space in London. He was central to the London alternative scene in 1990s with Runa Islam, and over the thirty years of practice, has developed highly complex relationships between the institution and the specific event bases of independent practices as they are formalised in their market currencies.

Current Teaching

  • MA Art and Design, and Curating

Research Interests

Online curatorial project, www.slashseconds.co.uk, using new content management software affirms curating as that of constitutive world networks which are engaged and expanded between artists and publics. This has enormous significance in how the cognitive functions at the level of politics as assemblage.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (1)

  • Lewis PN (2015), DADA100 SEMINAR 100 years on: rethinking the legacy of DADA and documenting the international critical and artistic response to WWI.

Artworks (1)

  • Lewis P (2008), 'Meno {2:1}' Artist: One Person Exhibition T1+2 Gallery London.

Books (2)

  • Lewis PN (2014) Monograph, Rasheed Araeen. . New York: SAF, Sharjah Art Foundation.
  • Lally C; Lewis PN (2013) E:vent - Archive and Related Documents. . Live Art Development Agency.

Chapters (1)

  • Lewis PN (2017) 'On the Artist's Failure'. In: Lewis PN L'irresponsabilit√© de l'artiste. : , pp. .

Conference contributions (5)

  • Lewis PN (2016) 'Look forward in Anger' CSM, University of the Arts 20160101. : .
  • Lewis PN (2016) Sci-fi and Art . Henry Moore Lecture Theatre: Leeds Art Gallery.
  • Lewis PN (2015) /seconds Jamjar Gallery, Dubai 20150901. : .
  • Lewis PN (2015) /seconds - Conference organised by SAF at Jamjar Gallery, Dubai, September 2015 . : .
  • Lewis PN (2012) 'Palpable Objects' . Henry Moore Institute, Leeds: .

Exhibitions (6)

  • Nagaya M; Lewis PN (In press), Curator Exhibition, 2008-2009, Moths to/from a Flame, Curating of works by Makiko Nagaya, performances by artists Johnny Vivash, Roger Cremers, and sound composition by Joe Banks/Disinformation, Rorschach Audio..
  • Lewis PN (In press), Boom Bubble Blast.
  • Lewis PN (In press), 'No Longer Real'.
  • Lewis PN (In press), 'GARBAGE WALL' in 'A LESSON IN SCULPTURE'.
  • Lewis PN (2010), Restless Serpents, inverted.

Media (2)

  • Lewis PN (2015), Six Pillars: The Internet, the Voice, the Gulf.
  • Lewis PN (2015), /seconds issue 15 - video edition.

Newspaper or magazine articles (1)

  • Lewis PN (2004), /seconds. /seconds

Other (8)

  • Lewis PN (2016), SAF Associate Curator.
  • Lewis PN (2016), Board Member.
  • Lewis PN (2016), The Archive.
  • Lewis PN (2015), /seconds.
  • Lewis PN (2015), /seconds - Sharjah Art Foundation UAE.
  • Lewis PN (2015), Curator, Sharjah Art Foundation.
  • Lewis PN (2014), March Meeting.
  • Lewis PN (2013), Publisher, and Commissioning Editor /seconds, the online journal of contemporary art research, issues from 2008 to 2013 /seconds, issues 7 -13. /seconds

Performances (3)

  • Lewis PN (In press), Some Bullets Are More Important Than Other Bullets.
  • Lewis PN (In press), Performance/installation with Makiko Nagaya.
  • Lewis PN (In press), DRIVE THRU.
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