Phil Glew, Senior Lecturer

Phil Glew

Senior Lecturer

Having spent most of his career as a research scientist in Applied Magnetism, Phil then moved into education taking a PGCE (FE). He then moved back into research at Birmingham University (mobile learning) before moving to Leeds Beckett in 2006 to develop e-learning courses. Phil currently teaches on Quants and IT courses.

Phil has considerable expertise in developing online courses having been the internal project manager and instructional designer on one of the first courses developed for UFI and one assisting in the development of a course for LearnDirect. He went on to develop a course in Power Electronics for a consortium consisting of Birmingham, Nottingham and Newcastle Universities. Phil then took a research contract at Birmingham University on mobile learning (MobiLearn).

Phil's background is in Applied Magnetism where he completed research contracts in the areas of 'Magnetic Separation', 'Microwave Magnetics' and 'Magnetic Bearings'.

Current Teaching

  • IT for accountants
  • Data Analytics
  • Quantitative Methods for Business
  • Business Decision Making
  • Data Analysis for Finance

Research Interests

Phil continues to have an interest in 'Mobile Learning' and online Learning.

Phil Glew, Senior Lecturer