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Professor Lisa Stansbie

About Professor Lisa Stansbie

Dr. Lisa Stansbie is a practising artist whose work crosses the disciplines of film, sound, sculpture, installation, photography and digital practices. Stansbie has undertaken residencies, commissions and exhibited across Europe and the U.S.

Stansbie’s PhD Zeppelinbend: Multiplicity, encyclopaedic strategies and nonlinear methodologies for a visual practice, was the first ever entirely web based PhD in the U.K. As a researcher recently submitted to the REF 2014, her outputs were a combination of exhibition based art practice and publications. The book chapter ‘Establishing the Cybertextual in Practice based PhD’s’. In: SAGE Handbook of Digital Dissertations and Theses focused on UK based PhD study in art and design (linked to practice-based research) tracing the historical developments of formats of submission. She has a continued interest in practice-based research and forms of digital publishing.

Current Teaching

PhD Supervision

Research Interests

Recently Lisa's research has been based around The Arts and Sport, and has resulted in a number of national and International exhibitions, book chapters and papers. Such collaborative research seeks to challenge discipline boundaries and provides opportunities for joint research funding and projects.

This recent work investigates the narratives, processes, rituals, performativity and apparatus of sports. The work combines both object based sculpture, photography, drawing and films that research sport by a direct involvement and performance within it.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (5)

Artefacts (1)

  • Stansbie L (2011) A History of Background

Books (2)

Chapters (10)

  • Stansbie L (2015) Structures for Digital Collaboration and Interaction. In: Leaning M Collaborative Learning in Media Education. : Informing Science Press, pp. 89-103.
  • Stansbie L (2015) The Archive of Unrealised Devices. In: Journal of Writing in Creative Practice. : , pp. 447-457.
  • Stansbie L (2014) Exploring Bodies in Time and Space: The Performance of the Channel Swimmer: Time-Based Rituals and Technology. In: Mclean L; Stafford L; Weeks M Exploring Bodies in Time and Space. : Interdisciplinary Press, pp. 263-272.
  • Stansbie L (2014) The Performance of the Channel Swimmer: Time-Based Rituals and Technology (Extended). In: Buccieri K Body Tensions: Beyond Corporeality in Time and Space. : Inter-Disciplinary Press, pp. .
  • Stansbie L (2013) Extreme Exposures: The Practice and Narratives of Channel Swimming as a Methodology for the Creation of Contemporary Art. In: Sandle D; Long J; Parry J; Spracklen K Fields of Vision: The Arts in Sport. : LSA Publications, pp. .
  • Stansbie L; Borlescu A (2013) The Absent Presence of Voice in Contemporary Artists Film. In: . Oxford: Interdisciplinary Press., pp. 36-47.
  • Stansbie L (2012) Establishing the Cybertextual in Practice based PhDs. In: Andrews R; Borg E; Boyd-Davis S; Myrrh D; England J SAGE Handbook of Digital Dissertations and Theses. : SAGE, pp. 390-404.
  • Stansbie L (2011) Background to a film: Spitfire Beach. In: Dunn, A. A History of Background. : , pp. .
  • Stansbie L (2009) A film still from the film 'The Messenger' (2008). In: Whiteley G Pan-demonium. : AC Institute in conjunction with the exhibition, pp. .
  • Stansbie L (2009) Connecting the Unconnected. In: Tormey J; Whiteley G Telling Stories: Countering Narrative in Art, Theory and Film. : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 125-134.

Conference contributions (25)

  • Stansbie L (2015) 'The Spectacle of The Sporting and Artistic Enduring Body' University of Exeter 01/09/2015.
  • Stansbie L (2015) Practice-based PhD Research in Fine Art The Art School of Tomorrow Symposium, Lyon School of Art, France. 29/10/2015.
  • Stansbie L (2014) Nothing Great is Easy Belfast . Platform Arts:
  • Stansbie L (2014) Contemporary Art and the Is It Art? debate. Ackworth School Sixth Form .
  • Stansbie L (2013) East Street Arts: Open Studios. East Street Arts. .
  • Stansbie L (2012) 'Extreme Exposures: The practice and narratives of channel swimming as a methodology for the creation of contemporary art'. . Headingley Carnegie Stadium, Leeds.:
  • Stansbie L (2012) 'Contemporary Art and The Open Water'. HMS Queen Mary, Los Angeles, California. 21/09/2012.
  • Stansbie L (2012) 'Testing the Limits: Contemporary Art and Channel Swimming'. In: Endurance Sport, Wolfson Research Exchange . The University of Warwick.:
  • Stansbie L (2012) Flight Exhibition Talk and Film Screening: Peter Greenaway: The Falls. .
  • Stansbie L (2012) 'Structures For Digital Collaboration and Interaction'. In: Higher Education Academy Exploring Collaborative Learning In Media Studies Programmes University of Winchester. 03/05/2012.
  • Stansbie L (2012) Professional Practice: How to be an Artist. . Ermysteads Grammar School, Skipton.:
  • Stansbie L (2011) 'The Multimodal Journal' The University of Huddersfield November 4th. .
  • Stansbie L (2011) Spitfire Beach Presentation and workshop Project Space Leeds. .
  • Stansbie L (2011) Spitfire Beach . University of Huddersfield Research Festival:
  • Stansbie L (2011) Breeze mentoring project Young Hunters linking artists and young people. . Project Space Leeds:
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  • Stansbie L (2009) 'The Fluid Archive'. UCD Dublin 05/05/2009.
  • Stansbie L (2009) 'Identifying research within Creative Practice: Research processes and Documentation'. University of Huddersfield, School of Art, Design and Architecture University of Huddersfield, School of Art, Design and Architecture .
  • Stansbie L (2008) The Archive and Art Practice. Nanyang Academy of Fine Art, Singapore. .
  • Stansbie L (2007) Zeppelinbend: Making digital connections. . Alsager Arts Center, Alsager Campus, Manchester Metropolitan University.:
  • Stansbie L (2007) Using Interactive Screens. . Leeds Metropolitan Gallery, Leeds.:
  • Stansbie L (2006) 'Archival Possibilities' In Do/Be Student Researcher Conference. . Leeds Metropolitan University.:
  • Stansbie L (2005) Lecture on my own research: Multiplicity Practice. . New York Institute of Technology, New York.:

Conference proceedings (5)

Exhibitions (29)

  • Stansbie L. Thought Positions in Sculpture, 15/10/2015-09/01/2015
  • Stansbie L. Spitfire Beach, 26/09/2014-09/10/2014
  • Stansbie L. Channel Swimwear Rules, 29/09/2012-02/10/2012
  • Stansbie L. 'Acclimatisation' Film on exhibition at Carnegie Stadium, Leeds in conjunction with The Fields of Vision Conference., 29/11/2012-30/11/2012
  • Stansbie L. Spitfire Beach: Background to a Film, 30/03/2011-(In press)
  • Stansbie L. L. Flight, 02/02/2012-24/03/2012
  • Stansbie L. Diaphone, 01/11/2012-30/11/2012
  • Stansbie L. A Century of Artists Film, 21/05/2011-02/07/2011
  • Stansbie L. Portmanteau, 28/04/2011-03/05/2011
  • Stansbie L. Hunter Gatherer, 28/04/2011-06/08/2011
  • Stansbie L. Archetype: GOING UNDERGROUND/THE CRUEL SCENE OF THE IMAGE,, 24/09/2010-(In press)
  • Stansbie L. Borders/Crossings/Journeys Screening of The Emperor of The Moon Film., 08/10/2010-09/10/2010
  • Stansbie L. Art For Everyone, 01/07/2010-14/01/2012
  • Stansbie L. Short Cuts, 27/03/2010-01/05/2010
  • Stansbie L. Totemic Objects, 15/11/2010-26/11/2010
  • Stansbie L. The Wings, 01/09/2009-15/09/2009
  • Stansbie L. Hackamore, 12/03/2009-10/04/2009
  • Stansbie L. InCounter, 28/11/2009-(In press)
  • Stansbie L. Pan-demonium, 03/09/2009-10/10/2009
  • Stansbie L. The Text Festival, 01/05/2009-25/07/2009
  • Stansbie L. Art Tech Media: International Screen Space, 07/05/2008-25/05/2008
  • Stansbie L. Olympolis, 12/07/2008-20/07/2008
  • Stansbie L. The Zeppelin Bend ., 29/10/2007-09/11/2007
  • Stansbie L. Archive H, 02/07/2007-22/07/2007
  • Stansbie L. Arcade Games, 01/04/2006-01/05/2006
  • Stansbie L. The Yoke and Zoom Art Machine Multiple Exhibition, 01/01/2005-01/01/2006
  • Stansbie L. Feedback, 20/10/2005-(In press)
  • Stansbie L. /seconds Exhibition (Swimming Machines), 11/10/2014-12/12/2014
  • Stansbie L. Nothing Great Is Easy, 04/09/2014-25/09/2014

Internet publications (6)

Other (30)

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