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Professor Prithwiraj Nath

Contact Details
Professor Prithwiraj Nath


Leeds Business School

0113 81 25334 P.Nath@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

About Professor Prithwiraj Nath

Professor Prithwiraj Nath is a Professor of Marketing and Associate Director of the Retail Institute at Leeds Beckett University. Before joining our University, he was at the University of East Anglia, University of Nottingham and at XLRI Jamshedpur, India.

He has a doctoral degree in Marketing from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, India. His area of doctoral research was measuring efficiency of service firms and the impact of service quality on firm performance. His basic educational discipline is in Physics and he complete his Master and Undergraduate degrees at Jadavpur University, India. Prior to joining academia, Prithwiraj worked in professional marketing research organizations.

Prithwiraj's research interest is broadly classified into three substantive areas: services marketing, internet marketing and environmental marketing.

Services Marketing

He is principally interested to understand how service firms can improve their financial performance by improving the quality of service provided to their customers. The focus is to understand how service firms can use resources (such as infrastructure, technology) in an optimal way to improve their level of services delivered. He uses various optimisation techniques to benchmark firms in terms of sub-optimal service delivery, and measures the possible impact of service quality improvement on firm financials through return on quality (ROQ).

Internet Marketing

He is interested to understand how firms can build better relationships with their consumers in the online context. His research framework can provide insights on the synergistic effects of attitudinal dimensions like consumer trust, commitment, and relational bonds on relationship outcomes, such as consumer loyalty in the online context. Prithwiraj is also interested to model browsing behaviour of online consumers using clickstream data. The objective is to predict navigation paths of users browsing multiple websites and their purchase behaviour. Another research area which Prithwiraj is actively involved in, using experimentation techniques, is to understand how various web design characteristics of online retailers (for example interactivity and personalisation features of websites) influence buyer behaviour.

Environmental Marketing

Prithwiraj just completed working on an EPSRC funded project on the impact of environmental regulations on innovation and performance for the UK manufacturing sector. Environmental regulations as imposed by government on manufacturing industries are often considered a hindrance rather than an opportunity in new product and process innovation. This project explores this dilemma.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (22)

Chapters (1)

  • Nath P; Ramanathan R (2019) Impact of Environmental Initiatives on Environmental Performances: Evidence from the UK Manufacturing Sector. In: Nath P; Ramanathan R Encyclopedia of Renewable and Sustainable Materials. : Elsevier, pp. .

Conference proceedings (peer reviewed) (4)

  • Nath P; McKechnie S (2011) The impact of personalization and interactivity on choice goal attainment and decision satisfaction. In: . : , pp. .
  • Nath P; McKechnie S (2011) The impact of personalization and interactivity on website effectiveness. In: . : , pp. .
  • Nath P (2010) Relationship orientation, marketing capabilities, and performance: The role of customer relationship management. In: . : , pp. .
  • Nath P (2010) Retail performance: The role of marketing, operations and environmental capabilities. In: . : , pp. .
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