Professor Vini Lander, Director Centre for Race, Education and Decoloniality

Professor Vini Lander

Director Centre for Race, Education and Decoloniality

Vini Lander is Professor of Race and Education and Director of the Centre for Race, Education and Decoloniality in the Carnegie School of Education.

Vini’s research focuses on race, ethnicity and education. She uses critical race theory as a theoretical framework to examine ‘race’ inequalities in education, specifically in teacher education. The persistence of educational inequality from early years to higher education has spurred Vini to educate teachers to think beyond the status quo, which may perpetuate these inequalities. Teachers make a valuable contribution and deserve better preparation to teach in a diverse society. This has led to her inspirational teaching. Vini challenges students to think differently, supporting them to find ways to act to make a difference.

Current Teaching

  • MA Race, education and Decolonial Thought
  • PhD supervision

Research Interests

Vini is leading research on the policy to promote fundamental British values in English schools and initial teacher education. Her current work on the impact of the mandate to promote fundamental British values in schools extends her work in the field of ‘race’ and education. She is working with a number of schools in the North West to investigate young people’s conceptions of Britishness and their sense of belonging through the use of participatory research methods.

This research aims to impact on education policy and the teaching of fundamental British values in schools which will engender a sense of belonging for all children.
Professor Vini Lander, Director Centre for Race, Education and Decoloniality

Ask Me About

  1. Racism
  2. Race
  3. Education
  4. Teacher training

Selected Outputs

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