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Rachael Kelley

About Rachael Kelley

Rachael is currently working as a research fellow in the School of Health and Community studies with a focus on developing and conducting research into the care of people with dementia. She has worked in health research since 2004, predominantly at the University of Leeds where she held two National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Fellowships; a Doctoral Fellowship and a Clinical Trials Fellowship.

Rachael has worked on many quantitative and qualitative research projects, including clinical trials, focused mainly on two research areas; the care of people with dementia and their families and hospital services for people who self-harm. Her NIHR funded PhD was an ethnographic study exploring how the use of families knowledge and expertise impacts upon the general hospital care of people with dementia. The variety of projects Rachael has worked on means that she has experience of a variety of data collection methods and of all aspects of the research process, from grant applications and research ethics to data collection, analysis and dissemination.

Prior to starting her research career she was a qualified mental health nurse specialising in the care of people with dementia.

Current Teaching

Student Supervision

Rachael supervises projects in applied health research with a focus on mental health. Specific interests and expertise include the following:

  • Mental health conditions in older people (dementia in particular)
  • Self-harm and suicide (including the use of ambulance and hospital services for self-harm)
  • Projects involving qualitative (including expertise in ethnographic methods) and quantitative data collection (including epidemiological studies and analysis of data from health records and routine data sets)
Current & recent PhD, DClinPsychol and Masters students
  • Emily Jenkins (Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, University of Leeds)
    Comparing conveyance and non-conveyance to the Emergency Department for self-harm: prevalence and ambulance service staff perspective. Co-supervised with Dr David Owens and Gary Latchford. Completed 2017.
  • Sue Moorchild (MA in Social Work, Leeds Beckett University)
    The provision and uptake of support service for people with dementia and their carers living in the community. Co-supervised with David Mercer.

Research Interests

Rachael is interested in various aspects of research into mental health. Specific areas of interest include the care of older people, the care and support of people with dementia and their carers, and services and support for people who self-harm.

Rachael's PhD explored whether involving families in care can improve experiences of hospital care for people with dementia. She carried out ethnographic data collection involving interviews and observations with people with dementia, their families and staff on elderly care hospital wards. The findings of this research will help to guide the development of recent NHS plans to increase the involvement of families in the general hospital care of people with dementia. She is currently working on several research projects including the process evaluation for the DCM-EPIC trial (a trial to establish the effectiveness of a care improvement tool called Dementia Care Mapping in care homes), a systematic review of the implementation of randomised controlled trials in care homes, and a mixed methods study of care experiences, treatments and outcomes for people with co-morbid dementia and cancer.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (19)

  • Griffiths A; Kelley R; Garrod L; Perfect D; Robinson O; Shoesmith E; McDermid J; Burnley N; Surr CA (In press), Barriers and facilitators to implementing Dementia Care Mapping in Care Homes: Results from the DCM EPIC Trial process evaluation
    View Repository Record
  • Surr CA; Holloway I; Walwyn REA; Griffiths A; Meads D; Kelley R; Martin A; McLellan V; Ballard C; Fossey J (In press), Dementia Care Mapping™ to reduce agitation in care home residents with dementia: The DCM™ EPIC cluster randomised controlled trial
    View Repository Record
  • Meads D; Martin A; Griffiths A; Kelley R; Creese B; Robinson L; McDermid J; Walwyn R; Ballard C; Surr C (2019), Cost-effectiveness of Dementia Care Mapping in care home settings - Evaluation of a randomised controlled trial
    View Repository Record
  • Surr C; Shoesmith E; Griffiths A; Kelley R; McDermid J; Fossey J (2019), Exploring the role of external experts in supporting staff to implement psychosocial interventions in care home settings: results from the process evaluation of a randomized controlled trial
    View Repository Record
  • Griffiths A; Smith S; Martin A; Meads D; Kelley R; Surr C (2019), Exploring self-report and proxy-report quality of life measures for people living with dementia in care homes
    View Repository Record
  • Kelley R; Godfrey M; Young J (2019), The impacts of family involvement on general hospital care experiences for people living with dementia: An ethnographic study
    View Repository Record
  • Surr CA; Griffiths A; Kelley R; Holloway I; Walwyn REA; Martin A; McDermid J; Chenoweth L; Farrin AJ (2019), The implementation of Dementia Care MappingTM in a randomised controlled trial in long-term care: results of a process evaluation
    View Repository Record
  • Surr CA; Griffiths AW; Kelley R (2018), Implementing Dementia Care Mapping as a practice development tool in dementia care services: A systematic review
    View Repository Record
  • Kelley R; Owens D (2017), Predictive properties of risk assessment instruments following self-harm
    View Repository Record
  • Birtwistle J; Kelley R; House A; Owens D (2017), Combination of self-harm methods and fatal and non-fatal repetition: a cohort study
    View Repository Record
  • Diggins E; Kelley R; Cottrell D; House A; Owens DW (2016), Age-related differences in self-harm presentations and subsequent management of adolescents and young adults at the emergency department
    View Repository Record
  • Owens D; Kelley R; Munyombwe T; Bergen H; Hawton K; Cooper J; Ness J; Waters K; West R; Kapur N (2015), Switching methods of self-harm at repeat episodes: Findings from a multicentre cohort study
    View Repository Record
  • Karasouli E; Owens D; Latchford G; Kelley R (2015), Suicide after nonfatal self-harm: A population case-control study examining hospital care and patient characteristics
  • Budd ST; Kelley R; Day R; Variend H; Dogra N (2011), Student attitudes to psychiatry and their clinical placements
  • Lilley R; Owens D (2009), Services for assessment, aftercare and psychological treatment following self-harm.
  • Kapur N; Murphy E; Cooper J; Bergen H; Hawton K; Simkin S; Casey D; Horrocks J; Lilley R; Noble R (2008), Psychosocial assessment following self-harm: results from the Multi-Centre Monitoring of Self-Harm Project.
  • Lilley R; Owens D; Horrocks J; House A; Noble R; Bergen H; Hawton K; Simkin S; Casey D; Murphy E (2008), Hospital care and repetition following self-harm: a multicentre comparison of self-poisoning and self-injury.
  • Hawton K; Bergen H; Casey D; Simkin S; Palmer B; Cooper J; Kapur N; Horrocks J; House A; Lilley R (2007), Self-harm in England: a tale of three cities.
  • Cooper J; Murphy E; Bergen H; Casey D; Hawton K; Owens D; Lilley R; Noble R; Kapur N (2007), The effect of using NHS number as the unique identifier for patients who self-harm: a multi-centre descriptive study.
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