Ross Spence, Lecturer

Ross Spence


Ross Spence is a lecturer at Leeds Law School.

He holds an LLB (Honours) and an LLM (with distinction) in International Banking Law and Finance from the University of Edinburgh. From 2017 to 2020, Ross worked at the Hazelhoff Centre for Financial Law at Leiden University Law School in the Netherlands, as PhD Fellow - exploring the law and economics of collateral transactions in EU shadow banking sector and as Lecturer - where he taught various financial law related subjects to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

In addition to Ross’s role at Leeds Law School, Ross also holds researching positions at both the European Banking Institute in Frankfurt, Germany and at the Amsterdam Centre for Law and Economics, in the Netherlands. He is also widely published on law and finance related subjects.


Current Teaching

  • Company Law – LLB
  • Corporate Law – LLM

Research Interests

Ross is particularly interested in interdisciplinary research and is specifically influenced by the interaction between law and economics. His research interests lie in the fields of:

  • Bank Regulation
  • Financial Regulation
  • Shadow Banking
  • Financial Collateral
  • FinTech
  • Corporate Law
Ross Spence, Lecturer

Selected Publications

  • Spence R; Haentjens M (2021) Multifaceted Collateral in the Prism of Laws.

  • Spence R (2020) What is Shadow Banking?.

  • Haentjens M; Diamant Y; Siena J; Spence R; Zacaroli A eds. Haentjens M (2020) Financial Collateral: Law and Practice. Oxford University Press, USA.

  • Spence R (2019) The Role of Shadow Banking in the Capital Markets Union. In: Morais LS ed. Major trends in Banking Union and Capital Markets Union Jean Monnet Project – Reform of Global Governance of EMU. CENTRO DE INVESTIGAÇÃO SOBRE REGULAÇÃO E SUPERVISÃO FINANCEIRA: UNIVERSIDADE DE LISBOA, pp. 75-101.

  • Spence R; Guo S (2018) A solution to a problem or a problem to a solution: The extraordinary Chinese debt problem.

  • Spence R (2018) Bridging the Gaps in EU Financial Regulation: A shadow banking perspective.

  • Spence R (2017) The Shadow Banking Conundrum.