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Yinka Olusoga
Contact Details
Yinka Olusoga

Senior Lecturer

Carnegie School Of Education

0113 81 21775 Y.Olusoga@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

About Yinka Olusoga

Yinka is a Senior Lecturer in Initial Teacher Education, specialising in early childhood education and in the history of education.

Yinka has particular interests in child-initiated play and early years pedagogy, and in the historical and current role of discourse in the social construction of childhood and of schooling. Her work examines themes of power and control, and of social class, gender and race, and their intersections.

Yinka began her career in education as a primary teacher. She taught in Key Stages 1 and 2 in Birmingham and Liverpool, gaining experience working in multi-ethnic communities and with children with additional needs. She then specialised in the early years, first in reception and then running a nursery class in London.

Yinka left the classroom to run a project based at the University of Leeds. From there she moved into Initial Teacher Education, teaching on primary and early years teacher training courses and on Education Studies and Childhood Studies degrees. Since 2006 she has led the PGCE Primary Education (Early Years, 3-7), leading to QTS course. She teaches modules on play, early years pedagogies, the history of early years education and international approaches to early childhood education. She is co-editor of the internationally published book 'Perspectives on Play: Learning for Life' and has also written on the subject of the inclusion of refugee children and teachers in schools.

Current Teaching

Yinka is the course leader for the PGCE Primary Education (3-7). She also teaches modules on the BA (Hons) Primary Education (3-7), BA (Hons) Childhood Studies and MA Childhood Studies and Early Years. Her modules include:

  • Level 5
    • Historical and International Perspectives on Early Childhood Education and Care
    • Perspectives on Primary Teaching
  • Level 7
    • Playful Learning and Playful Pedagogies
    • Child Development: Assessment, Pedagogy and Curriculum

Research Interests

Yinka's doctoral research examines the social construction of the working class school child in key historical documents from the 18th and early 19th centuries, and the birth of the state education system. Drawing on the discourse-historical approach to critical discourse analysis, she investigates how groups are positioned and power is exercised in these pivotal documents and how this informed (and continues to inform) educational practice.

Yinka is also involved in research on child-initiated play and student teachers' experiences of implementing play pedagogies in schools. She contributes to the Story Makers Company, a partnership between Leeds Beckett University and a range of creative companies that explores the opportunities of story via drama, creative writing and play.

Selected Publications

Books (3)

  • Brock A; Dodds S; Jarvis P; Olusoga Y ed. (2017) Παιδαγωγική του παιχνιδιού στην προσχολική και σχολική εκπαίδευση. . Greece: Εκδόσεις ΠΕΔΙΟ - PEDIO Publishing.
  • Brock A; Dodds S; Jarvis P; Olusoga Y (2013) Perspectives on play: Learning for Life. . .
  • Brock A; Dodds S; Jarvis P; Olusoga Y (2011) Brincar. Aprendizagem para a vida. . Artmed Editoria.

Chapters (3)

  • Olusoga EA (2019) The Contemporary Environment. In: Olusoga EA Supporting Vulnerable Children in the Early Years Practical Guidance and Strategies for Working with Children at Risk. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, pp. 13-31.
  • Olusoga EA (2013) "We Don't Play Like That Here": Social, Cultural and Gender Perspectives on Play. In: Olusoga EA Perspectives on Play: Learning for Life. Padstow: Routledge, pp. 39-68.
  • Olusoga Y (2013) 'We don't play like that here': Social, cultural and gender perspectives on play. In: Olusoga Y Perspectives on Play: Learning for Life. : , pp. 40-64.

Conference contributions (8)

  • Olusoga Y (2017) The Purpose of School: Constructing British Values in the Early Twentieth Century Brighton, UK 20170905. : .
  • Olusoga Y; Beckett L (2017) Feeding Hungry Children: forging an administrative settlement Brighton, UK 20170905. : .
  • Chesworth L; Keen B; Olusoga Y (2017) Student teachers' experiences of play in the Early Years Foundation Stage Brighton 20170905. : .
  • Olusoga Y (2016) The Testimony of Miss Carpenter: social construction of children in poverty in the Report of the 1861 Newcastle Commission University of Leeds 20160913. : .
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  • Olusoga Y; Keen B; Chesworth L (2016) Enhancing Play: An examination of student teachers' experiences of championing enhanced play provision in placement settings Dublin 20160831. : .
  • Olusoga Y (2014) Child of the (18)60s: Everyday Childhoods in the Report of the 1861 Newcastle Commission University of Sheffield 20140701. : .
  • Olusoga EA (2009) The Discourse of Personal and Social Education and the Transmission of 'Common Sense University if Manchester 20090902. : .
  • Olusoga Y (2006) Personal and Social Education, Politics and Gesture. New College, University of Oxford 20060331. : .

Internet publications (2)

  • Jarvis P; Olusoga EA (2019), Deconstructing the SATs process: Resistance is futile?.
  • Olusoga Y; Pierlejewski M (2018), Bold beginnings or black holes? The encroachment of summative assessment into the reception curriculum. The BERA Blog, vol. 28 February 2018
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