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Page last updated:
10 Sep 2021

Our Placements team manages teacher education placements and work-based learning for courses within Carnegie School of Education.

We provide clear and effective processes to support practice learning and to manage the quality of the student's placement experience, as well as providing helpful resources and support to both mentors and placement students.

What we do:

  • Develop new placement partnerships
  • Provide training for mentors to enable them to provide effective support for our students on placement
  • Support our students in sourcing and applying for placement opportunities
  • Provide access PebblePad - an online tool facilitating the broad and secure assessment of trainees

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PebblePad is an online tool facilitating the broad and secure assessment of trainees, taking into account lesson observations, pupil assessment data and scrutiny of pupil work. The system allows trainees and those who work with them to record and measure progress through the Teacher Standards while trainees also build an online evidence portfolio.

To find out more information about PebblePad, including what a student workbook is and what you need to do to access their work, and what the process of sharing a student's work with you is, and how you can get support if you need it, please visit the Mentor Information: PebblePad on Placement web pages.