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Page last updated:
16 Feb 2023

It's important that students get the best out of their course and their time at university, so you should avoid regularly missing classes. When in a lecture or seminar, you will be able to register your attendance using the Leeds Beckett app. 

On this page you will find information about how to install and use the app, why you need to register your attendance and what to do if you're having issues with the app.

You can download our app for free on your phone or tablet:

Please note the app is not available on Windows Phones.

How do I log in?

You will need to log in to MyBeckett, the university’s Virtual Learning Environment, at least once before you can log in to this app.

When logging into the app please ensure that you are using your username and password to log in. Your username is your student ID, however, you need to change the 1st number to a "c" (e.g. 11234567 becomes c1234567). Your password is the one that you would have created in MyBeckett.

If you can't log in after following the steps above, you may require a password reset.

How do I use the app?

The current version of the app gives you:

  • Links to the various online learning platforms used as part of your learning
  • Maps of our campuses and the city with the locations of university buildings and facilities, all our Halls of Residence and other useful places
  • The ability to register attendance

The app syncs with your timetable so will know which room you are supposed to be in at which time. You will be prompted to check in to your class shortly before it starts. The system confirms a valid check-in using location data and a one-time code provided by your lecturer. You do not need to check out at the end of a lecture. 

We'll be adding more functions to the app over the academic year.

Why do I need to register my attendance?

Regularly failing to attend classes is an early sign that you may be struggling with some issues that might be impacting your studies. These issues could be academic, financial or wellbeing, but whatever the causes we want to be able to help you, so spotting things early will enable us to offer you any support you need to help you successfully continue with your studies.

This monitoring will not form part of any disciplinary process, however, there is an attendance policy that all students are obliged to sign-up to as part of their enrolment.

I'm an international student, do I need to do anything differently?

All students on a Student Route visa must continue to collect paper timetables each week and get them signed in their classes. This is how the university collects and monitors data regarding Student Route visa students' attendance. For more information, please contact our Student Immigration Advice and Compliance team at

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


No. The app will only register you if you have an event on your timetable in that room at that time. If you are not timetabled for that period it will ignore you and no record will be kept. Don't worry - it won't monitor how long you have been in the library, the gym or the Students' Union bar!


If you don't have a smartphone or are unable to use the app, or if you forget to bring your phone to class then don't worry. Just make sure you see your lecturer immediately after the session finishes so that they can check you in manually.

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