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About Our Award Documents

Upon completion of your study at Leeds Beckett you will be issued with an official degree certificate and diploma supplement. Further details can be found using the headings below, including how to apply for replacement documents.

Please also see the headings below for details of the verification services we offer, including information for third parties and employers.

If you are due to receive an award, please make sure that we have your current address, so that it is not posted to an old address and lost. Visit the page to update any of your personal details.

Plus Icon Award Certificates

Your award certificate will be produced by the Registration and Awards team, and will include your full name, course studied, and the date awarded by the board of examiners, along with any honours achieved where applicable.

Module information is not included. If you require a breakdown of your marks and modules, you can apply for a transcript.

You will receive your certificate, either at your graduation ceremony, or by standard post to your recorded permanent home address:

  • Students that are awarded between late July and the following April will have their certificates posted within six weeks of being awarded.
  • All other certificates will be withheld for the July graduation ceremonies. Those not collected, including students who have advised that they will not be attending graduation, will be posted in the weeks following, usually mid-August.

It is important that you keep your address details up to date as a charge of £60 will be payable should a replacement be needed as a result of failing to update your address details.

If you have an outstanding debt related to your course, your certificate will be withheld until this has been cleared. 

Certificates not received

There may be isolated instances where certificates are lost in the postal system. If you have not received your certificate within the timescales described above please contact Graduates should contact us within 18 months of being awarded if the certificate has not been received. After 18 months has passed the replacement fee of £60 will apply.

Replacement certificates can be ordered via ordered via this page.

Name on certificate

The name that appears on your award certificate will be the name held on our records at the time of the final recommendation of your award (Academic Regulations 18.15.1). Changes can only be made where an administrative error has occurred or where the University is required to make a retrospective change under the provisions of the Gender Recognition Act 2004.

Students must ensure the correct and full name is updated prior to being awarded. Missing middle names, or abbreviated names will appear or be missing on the certificate depending on the name used at enrolment stage. To check the name we hold for you on our student record system please see MyBeckett. To update/amend your name please contact your student administrator.

Replacement Certificates

Replacement Certificates can be ordered from this page.

Plus Icon Diploma Supplements

The Diploma Supplement provides additional details relating to successfully completed higher education qualifications and outlines institutional details, course content, type of study, modules covered, and skills required to complete the programme. In addition, it contextualises the qualification in relation to its national education system which may be useful to international employers.

The Diploma Supplement is available to you if you gained an award from 2005 onwards. We are unable to produce Diploma Supplements for students awarded before 2005.

Diploma Supplements will be produced after the graduation ceremonies have taken place for the majority of students. You can expect to receive this by October, or with your certificate by post if you are awarded later in the year.

If you are waiting for your Diploma Supplement to be produced, a transcript of your grades may be sufficient for your needs and can be requested at any time. If you think you should have already received your Diploma Supplement, and it has not arrived, please contact

Replacement Diploma Supplements can be ordered via this page.

Plus Icon Transcripts

If you graduated in or after the 2002/03 academic year the Student Hub Team can produce a transcript document listing the grades recieved for individual modules. You can find out more about the information a transcript includes and purchase a copy here.

If you graduated prior to 2002/03 there is a separate page with information on letters of verification for students.

Plus Icon Authentication of Awards

The University does not keep electronic copies of certificates. If you require authenticated copies, please scan your certificate and email to

An official, stamped copy can then be emailed back to you, or up to five copies posted to a chosen address. There is no charge for this service. 

Plus Icon References and Verifications for Employers and 3rd parties


There is a separate page with information on letters of verification for students.

Verifications sent from third parties can be directed to and must include a signed letter of consent from the candidate/graduate - we cannot legally process these without their consent.

Please note that only information provided will be verified and no additional information will be provided to third parties.


Please note that the Registration and Awards team does not directly provide references. Personal and academic references should be forwarded directly to the referee or course administration team where possible. This is a list of contact details for the schools within the University.

If there is no named referee/contact, requests can be forwarded to including the full name the candidate studied under, course studied, and date of birth. Your query will then be forwarded to the relevant course administration team, copying you in.

Plus Icon Name change from Leeds Metropolitan University

On 22 September 2014 Leeds Metropolitan University became Leeds Beckett University. Students whose award is conferred on or after this date receive a Leeds Beckett University certificate. This certificate will currently bear no reference to our former university name.

Students whose award was conferred between 22nd September 2014 and 31st December 2014 had the choice to receive either a ‘Leeds Beckett University’ award certificate with a reference to our former name of ‘Leeds Metropolitan University’, or a ‘Leeds Metropolitan University’ award certificate with a reference to our new name of ‘Leeds Beckett University’.

Students who were awarded prior to 22nd September 2014 received a ‘Leeds Metropolitan University’ award certificate. 

Students who complete their studies at one of our partner institutions in the UK or overseas and are awarded by our University will have their certificate produced as above to reflect the Leeds Beckett or Leeds Metropolitan University name, depending on the date on which the student was awarded. 

All replacement award certificates will reflect our Leeds Beckett University name with no reference to our former university name. 

All Leeds Metropolitan University certificates remain valid and duplicates will not be produced to reflect the name change. We encourage employers and other agencies who have concerns about the authenticity of an award certificate to verify it with us. Requests for this should be made to

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