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To apply, please download the form to the bottom of this page, complete your details and return by email to 

The Insurance and Risk Team are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please contact Greta Luksyte (Insurance and Risk Administrative Officer) by phone 0113 812 3863 or

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Plus Icon Does the University provide free travel insurance for my University overseas trips and who can apply?
Our University is offering students free comprehensive travel insurance for University related travel outside of the UK, such as placements, field trips and University volunteering trips. Please email your query to if you are not sure if you would qualify for the free insurance.
Plus Icon How do I apply for the cover?
Please find the form on our Insurance webpage , if you have difficulties with it, you may request the form by emailing to , complete all the fields and return by email to this email address.
Plus Icon What do I do if I don't receive any insurance documents prior to my departure?
Once our Insurance and Risk Team receives your form, it will take us a couple of days to respond. You will then receive an email from our team with your insurance documents attached. If you haven't receive your documents 5 working days prior your departure, please contact Greta Luksyte on (0113) 812 3863, or email
Plus Icon Where can I get advice on the destination(s) I am planning my trip to?
Once you apply for your University insurance, you will be granted access to our insurers Travel and Security website 'Red24'. Your log in details will be emailed out to you after your insurance cover is approved. If you wish to research your destination prior booking your flights please get in touch with our team
Plus Icon Can I call someone for advice in emergency situations while abroad?

Yes you can. For advice on issues such as medical advice, security issues, loss of documents etc. Call ACE Assistance 24 hours a day worldwide on +44(20) 7173 7796 If you need medical treatment, they have doctors fluent in 80 languages.

Alternatively, if it's not a medical emergency, you should contact: Greta Luksyte on +44 (113) 812 3863, Email our or; Skype 'Leeds Beckett Insurance'. Our Insurance team's office hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. We will endeavour to offer you the advice needed.

Plus Icon What do I do if I need medical treatment while abroad?

If you need urgent attention, you should firstly call the local emergency services to come to your aid.

You must then call ACE Assistance 24 hours a day worldwide on +44(20) 7173 7796 for medical advice if you are admitted to hospital. ACE has doctors fluent in 80 languages to discuss your diagnosis to ensure you are receiving the correct treatment. Make sure you have the ACE Assistance Insurance documentation with you, so they can discuss your treatment with the doctor and if necessary, pay the hospital directly for your treatment.

Plus Icon Am I covered for dental treatment?
Your ACE Travel Insurance only covers dental in an emergency. Non-emergency dental issues are best treated at home as soon as you return from your trip. In the case of an emergency dental issue, please contact ACE Assistance 24 hours a day worldwide on +44(20) 7173 7796 for medical advice and if you are admitted to hospital for treatment.
Plus Icon Can I be covered if I have a pre existing medical condition?
Yes you can be covered, unless your doctor has advised us, that you are not fit to travel. If your pre-existing medical condition requires medical attention or you would like to discuss your conditions it with us, please get in touch with our team
Plus Icon Will I be covered for holidays?

Our policies cover the whole period of your University trip and equivalent free time (up to four weeks) in the same country.

For example if you are studying for a semester in Madrid, you will be entitled to take four weeks of holidays in Spain and your insurance policy will cover your entire stay in Spain. If you are planning to extend your visit with 'free time' please state this at the point of application.

Plus Icon Are my personal belongings covered?
Yes, your personal belongings are covered by our insurance policy. You must let us know if you are taking any single items worth £500 or more, ie. iPhone, laptop etc. If your application is successful, we will send you the details of your cover for your personal possessions.
Plus Icon What is included in my policy?
Your Insurance covers: 
  • Unlimited medical and emergency expenses 
  • Repatriation 
  • Personal items 
  • Loss of travel documents etc. 

Please get in touch if you want to see the Summary of Cover or an example of our full insurance policy. Alternatively you will be receiving this information if your application is successful.

Plus Icon Am I insured for hazardous outdoor activities such as climbing jet skiing and scuba diving?

Yes, you are insured as long as you let us know about these activities before hand ,so we can inform our insurers. However, our experience is that these activities are dangerous and are a risk to your personal safety, as local safety standards will not be the same as what we have here in the UK.

Please note, if you don't adhere to local laws, such as wearing a helmet on a motorbike, the policy may be invalid and you will be uninsured for the activity.

Plus Icon Am I insured if I am participating in sporting activities while abroad?
Yes, you are insured, but you must let us know if you are participating in any sporting activities, games matches whilst abroad, before you depart for your trip.
Plus Icon Where can I get security and general information about my destination?

Once you complete the insurance form, you will be sent an email with all the insurance documents, security website Red24 and your log in details. You can then research on your location, get security and travel tips etc.

If you are not sure if the destination is safe to travel to please get in touch with us for advice or go to Foreign& Commonwealth Office travel advise website .

You can visit our team for an informal chat if you wish or call us on 0113 812 3863 and we'll make time to address your queries and concerns.

Plus Icon What if I need to make a claim?
Please get in touch with Insurance and Risk Team by emailing to or call Greta Luksyte on (0113) 812 3863.
Plus Icon Do I need to take EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) card while I am travelling?
Yes, if you travel to any European Union country you need to bring your EHIC card with you. Some associated countries accept it, such as Switzerland and Norway.
Plus Icon Do I need to do anything else prior my departure if I am working abroad?
Yes, you will have to discuss your trip with your Placement Office and ensure employers liability is in place. If you have any questions about this, please get in touch with us

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