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Making Friends

Coming to University and living independently may seem daunting; a lot of questions we receive are queries from students who are worried about making friends. Our short answer is: don’t be.

Your friends at Uni make up a huge part of the experience and often stay with you long after you leave. Especially if you haven’t done it in a while, making new friends can be a daunting prospect but students soon find that there’s nothing to worry about. To help get you in the mindset, here’s 10 tips for making friends:

1. Don’t panic

First and foremost, relax. Everyone is in the same situation and wants to meet new friends, you’ll find people are really approachable and ready to chat.

2. Help out around the halls

Finished moving in already? Why not break the ice by giving your new flatmates a hand! Cooking a meal is another great way to get off to a good start and can set the tone for a great communal experience so get practicing before you arrive.

3. Get involved

Take the opportunity to get involved in any welcome events you hear about, you’ll be amazed at how many people you meet and how keen people are to get to know you.

Have an open door policy so that flatmates know when you’re open for conversation sends out the right signals and makes it easier for them to invite you along to things.

4. Join a Society or Sports Club

The SU has loads of societies you can join, whatever your interests are. Check if your course has a society dedicated to your area of study, if not why not set one up yourself? The SU Fresher's Fair is a great time to meet and sign up for give it a go sessions with your society of choice.

Joining a sports club is a great way to meet new people and make friends, do something you love or try something new. From rugby and dance, to korfball and sub-aqua, we’ve got more than 40 sports clubs.

5. Get out there!

Staying in your room is not likely to be conducive to making friends, so take advantage of your communal areas. Whether it’s your kitchen or social space spend some time here and get to know your flatmates and neighbours.

6. Be Yourself

People are drawn to those who are confident and a key to confidence is being comfortable with yourself. Don’t try too hard - just keep it natural and relaxed, be yourself and you’ll find it easier to meet new people.

7. Making friends through friends

This is how networks grow, if a friend invites you out or to an event then you’re bound to bump in to new friends as well as some familiar friendly faces.

8. Keep an eye out for events

Freshers Week starts on 16 September 2018 and is a great opportunity to meet new people and bond with those you’ve already met. Check out the Official Freshers’ 2018 website for more info - The Students’ Union and main Leeds Beckett University website will also publish the biggest events taking place on campus.

9. Be open minded

With so many new people it’s important to keep an open mind when meeting your flatmates and course mates, give them a chance and get to know them. 

10. Be the friendly person you want to meet

People take their cues from others so if you want to meet lots of friendly students then start by being one of those people and others will follow your example!

This page was last modified: 28/07/2021

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