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The Leeds Beckett app provides access to your online learning tools along with information and functionality to support all areas of student life from health and wellbeing to social events, from transport to food. The app also enables you to automatically sign in to all your lectures and tutorials*.
*Tier 4 students must also sign in via paper register

Attendance Registers for 2017/18

For the new academic year we are changing the way collect registers for your lectures, seminars and tutorials. The prime way to register your attendance is through the Leeds Beckett App. You can do this in one of two ways:

  1. The easiest way is to activate your phone’s Bluetooth and the app will automatically check you in when you are in your timetabled room. You can check this is working by using the ‘Register Attendance’ button on the app home page
  2. If you are unable to use this automatic method you can manually register your attendance through the app. Select the ‘Register Manually’ button from the app’s home screen and this will allow you to check in to your class. It will also allow you to retrospectively check in to past classes for up to 24 hours. NB – this will only work if you are on campus and your device is connected to Eduroam.

You will also be able to register manually via any student PC on campus. Look for the app icon on the desktop and this will take you to a web version of the app where you can follow the same process as above. As this is a new system we will initially continue with paper registers alongside the app as a back up until everyone is used to the new system.

What's in the app

The app currently offers you:

  • Lecture and seminar check in
    Check into your lectures, seminars and tutorials using the inbuilt check in system. (Requires Bluetooth activation)
  • Timetables
    Access to your timetables directly within the app
  • Campus Maps
    Maps of Headingley Campus, City Campus, Broadcasting Place and the Pavilion with the locations of buildings, sports facilities, food vendors, cash machines and a range of other facilities. There is also a map of Leeds showing the location of all our Halls of Residence and other useful places in the city
  • Computer availability
    Information on how many free desktop PCs are available in our libraries and all of our social learning spaces.*
    * (nb - we can't guarantee they will still be free when you get there!)
  • Café menus
    Menus for each of our campus food outlets, updated daily so you can see exactly what pizza topping is available today
  • The Students’ Union recommends
    Struggling to find somewhere to eat out? Want to try a new bar? Just want to explore Leeds? Our SU exec have come up with a handy guide of their favourite haunts across the city
  • Emergency contacts
    Who to call on campus if you are faced with an emergency. Direct links to security and the halls of residence emergency numbers
  • System availability
    Want to check if the Library systems are down for maintenance? Or if Eduroam is available? This is a handy guide to what is working right now and what is being fixed

We'll be adding more functions over the academic year.

Coming soon:

  • Bus Times
  • Module evaluation
  • Book library meeting rooms
  • Job and Placement information
  • Polls (what do you really think about...?)
Get it on Google Play

The app free and is available on both Android and iOS and works on phones and tablets (minimum specs below) and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play now.

Got a question? Email us as CampusM@leedsbeckett.ac.uk.

Minimum Specs

The app requires the following minimum spec devices to operate fully:

  • iOS
    • OS version 8.0 and above
    • Bluetooth version 4.0 and above (also known as BT LE or Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Android
    • OS version 4.3 and above
    • Bluetooth version 4.0 and above (also known as BT LE or Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Windows
    • We do not support Windows Phones.
Helping you log in

It appears that some users are having difficulty logging into the app. Please ensure that you are using your student id and password to log in and the app should accept that. If you are a new student and still unable to log in it may be that your details have not filtered through to the app log in as yet. Please bear with us as we are working on fixing this issue asap.

Student App Screenshot 1

Questions and Answers

Plus Icon How does the check-in system for lectures and tutorials work?

The app will synch with your timetable and so will know which room your are supposed to be in at which time. Each room contains a small beacon that contacts your phone via Bluetooth when you enter the room, checks if you have a timetabled event in that area and - if so - checks you in to your class. There is no need to have the app open or to check-in manually - as long as you have your Bluetooth enabled then the app will work in the background.

Plus Icon Do I need to check out?
No, and we'll soon be removing this functionality from the app.
Plus Icon I’m a Tier 4 student – do I need get my timetables signed each week?

All Tier 4 students must collect paper timetables each week and get them signed in their classes. This is how the university collects and monitors data regarding Tier 4 student attendance.

Plus Icon Is the University checking up on me everywhere I go?

No. The app will only register you if you have an event on your timetable in that room at that time. If you are not timetabled for that period it will ignore you and no record will be kept. Don't worry - it won't monitor how long you have been in the library, the gym or the Students' Union bar!

Plus Icon What if I don't have a smart phone or forget to bring it to class?

If you don't have a smart phone or are unable to use the app, or if you forget to bring your phone to class or it is out of charge then don't worry. You can access the “self-serve check-in” via the web on one of the University’s campus-based PCs or indeed your own device, provided you are on campus, within 24 hours of the teaching activity.

Plus Icon Why is the University monitoring attendance?

It's important that students get the best out of their course and their time at University. Regularly failing to attend lectures or tutorials is an early sign that you may be struggling with some issues that might be impacting your studies. These issues could be academic, financial or wellbeing but whatever the causes we want to be able to help you, so spotting things early will enable us to offer you any support you need to help you successfully continue with your studies.

This monitoring will not form part of any disciplinary process, however there is an attendance policy that all students are obliged to sign-up to as part of their enrolment.

Plus Icon Is the app available on Windows phones and tablets?

No. Unfortunately the app is only available on Android and iOS at this time. A web version is available that will give you access to the same content which can be viewed through your phone's browser.

Plus Icon I can't log in. What should I do?

There’s a chance, for a small group of students, that your system passwords may be out of sync. You can easily bring them back into line here: Reset your password.  Still having trouble? Read the info above called 'Helping you log in'.

Plus Icon Where can I find help? 

Speak to staff on the Student Hub if you’re having any problems. You can also email us at CampusM@leedsbeckett.ac.uk.

This page was last modified: 25/01/2019

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