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Student Immigration Advice and Compliance

Our Student Immigration Advice and Compliance team is available to provide support for you throughout your stay here at Leeds Beckett.

We will help you to settle in and adjust although we realise that this may be difficult at first.

We hope you will find that Leeds Beckett has a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Our Advisers are available to talk to you in confidence to discuss any matter that may be troubling you.

Please contact the Student Immigration Advice and Compliance team at if you need help and want to talk to someone about anything to do with studying and living in the UK. You may have questions about visa extension queries, family visits, dependants’ visas, police registration, changing immigration status, support whilst studying at the University, working after your studies and pre-departure support.

SIAC Services Update - Coronavirus (Covid-19)

We are currently operating an online and telephone service to support students and staff at this time.

Please note that support is still available via e-mail, telephone or video call, we will not be offering on-campus face to face appointments. Please email us in the first instance.

Student Route / Tier 4 Compliance

The Home Office have set out a range of requirements that affect all international students who need to obtain immigration permission to come to the UK and those institutions wishing to enrol them. This also includes students from European countries.

The Student Route (previously Tier 4) is the specific category which applies to those who want to enter the UK as students. It is divided into the Child Student Route, for those aged 4-17 years, and the Student Route, for those aged 16 or over, who want to study in the UK. 16 and 17-year olds can be eligible under either category. (Source: UKCISA An overview of the student immigration rules)

When Leeds Beckett University applied to become a Student sponsor, it agreed to comply with specific duties as described by the Home Office in its Student Sponsor Guidance. Leeds Beckett University staff and students have immigration compliance responsibilities including attendance & engagement reporting and record-keeping duties. By enrolling and engaging with Leeds Beckett University, and also by informing us of any change in your circumstances, you undertake to comply with your responsibilities.

Your Entry Clearance visa has been granted subject to the conditions stated in Immigration rules (part 1: leave to enter or stay in the UK). Entry clearance is given by the Home Office and you must not break the terms and conditions of your visa.

We are here to help you. The Student Immigration Advice and Compliance team will help support you in complying with the Student Route / Tier 4 regulations for the duration of your studies.

Work during study

Whilst on a Student / Tier 4 visa you are only able to work full-time when on vacation and not required to study or when you have completed study. You can only work unlimited weekly hours between the end date of your course (which is when you get your official results) and the end of your Tier 4 or STUDENT permission to stay in the UK, this is classed as vacation time - which is normally four months.

For most undergraduate students, term time and holiday are defined by the academic calendar. These dates are usually based around the academic year with holidays at Christmas, Easter and in the summer.

You can only work more than 20 hours a week after the end of your course if you have actually completed the course. If you start working more than 20 hours a week before that time, you would be breaking the terms and conditions of your visa.

Where courses do not follow the usual August/September to June pattern, term time means any period when you are supposed to be doing academic work.

For example, when you should be:

  • attending classes and lectures
  • preparing for exams
  • doing coursework
  • writing essays, a dissertation
  • taking resits/repeats
  • waiting for results


Employers have a legal obligation to check your term dates before you can start work. You must provide your employer with a printout from your institution's website showing the term and vacation dates for your course.

Work after study

The Skilled Worker Route (formerly Tier 2) is the main immigration route for working in the UK and is for skilled workers - graduates with a job offer from a registered employer.

Students can switch into the Skilled Worker Route as long as they have current Student / Tier 4 leave. Students must have successfully completed and passed a UK recognised bachelor or postgraduate degree. Their University must be an education provider which holds a licence for sponsoring students under the Student Route of the Points-Based System. If you have been issued a Confirmation of Sponsorship (COS) from your new employer and the job meets the requirements, you can apply from within the UK. Visit the UKCISA website for further guidance.

It is important to note that Visa sponsorship is required by an employer and the visa is linked to a specific job. The employer must be on the UKVI Sponsor Register for Employers and they must hold a license.

The employer must be willing to issue a Certificate of Sponsorship (COS). You cannot switch employer with a Skilled Worker visa. You should ask your sponsor to confirm the salary details on the Certificate of Sponsorship. You do not need to send any other evidence of your appropriate salary.

Employers can apply to the Home Office for a 'Certificate of Sponsorship' to employ a particular graduate and, if successful, the graduate can then make an immigration application to remain in the UK under the Skilled Worker Route of the Points Based System of immigration, using this certificate of sponsorship. Once the COS has been submitted to UKVI, you can start your job before receiving the decision. 

The Resident Labour Market Test has now been discontinued which means that an employer can offer you the job if you are the best person for the post, even if there are suitable applicants from the UK/European Economic Area.

For more information on Skilled Worker visas please visit: The Skilled Worker Route

The Graduate Route

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You MUST NOT apply for this visa until you have received an email from the university SIAC Team confirming that you are eligible. Applying before this will result in your visa application being refused.

The Graduate Route visa route opened for applications on 1 July 2021. The key points are:

  • You usually must have one of the following to apply: completed an undergraduate degree, postgraduate degree or doctorate level qualification at a Higher Education Provider with a track record of compliance (this includes LBU). Some other courses may be eligible but are limited to those specified by UKVI, more information can be found here
  • You must have successfully completed your study with us and have received your final Award results in Results Online
  • Before applying, you must wait until you have received an email from the SIAC Team confirming that you are eligible. Receiving the email means that we have informed UKVI of your course results and that you are eligible for the Graduate Route. We cannot do this until after your official Exam Board. An email will be sent to you shortly after receiving your results online
  • You must have arrived for study in the UK by the appropriate deadline (this depends on when you started study). For those who started a course in the 2020-21 academic year, 27 September 2021 is the deadline to arrive in the UK (changed previously from 21 June 2021). We would recommend keeping evidence of travel dates (such as a boarding pass / travel tickets) especially where if you have not obtained an arrival stamp in your passport
  • You must apply from within the UK and have a valid Student / Tier 4 visa at the time of applying
  • The Graduate Route will require a new visa application and will require an application fee and two years payment of Immigration Health Surcharge (non-student rate)

Successful applicants on this route will be able to stay and work, or look for work, in the UK at any skill level for a maximum period of two years (3 years for PhD graduates). More information on the route and the associated fees can be found here. Graduates will be able to switch into skilled work from this route if they have found a suitable job.

Those whose Student / Tier 4 leave expires before receiving their final exam board results will unfortunately not be eligible. 


Start Up

The Start-Up Visa is an immigration route for entrepreneurs looking to set up a business in the UK for the first time.

Leeds Beckett University is an endorsing body under this visa route and has chosen to restrict its endorsements to our own graduates. If you have a business idea that fits the Start Up criteria contact us on

The status of current EU students after Brexit

A deal has now been agreed and the UK has now left the European Union. Any EU, EEA or Swiss citizens who wish to continue to reside in the UK, including for the purposes of study, either need to have applied for, or have been granted, settled or pre-settled status.

The deadline to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme was 30 June 2021. Late applications can however be submitted and we would urge any of our students who may be eligible for the Scheme to submit an application. To be eligible, you must have been living in the UK prior to 1 January 2021. Concessions are in place if you have spent time outside of the UK due to distance learning / Covid-19. You can apply to it now for free. If submitting a late application, you must include a supporting document / statement explaining your reason for the late submission.

If you have not applied to the EU Settlement Scheme and are not eligible (i.e. you were not living in the UK before 1 January 2021), you must apply for an appropriate UK visa. If you are not currently in the UK, you must apply for this before travelling.

If you need any advice around your own circumstances, please contact


Visa extensions

If you are a continuing student and require an extension on your Student / Tier 4 visa, please contact our team for an appointment and we can advise on your personal circumstance and guide you through the process.

Asylum/Leave to Remain 

Asylum/Leave to Remain - Immigration Applications and Study
An information document for international students who are applying for asylum, leave to remain or indefinite leave to remain 
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Student Immigration Advice and Compliance

Telephone: 0113 812 8811


Information given here is intended as a guide for international students and is given in good faith. Care has been taken in compiling the information, however, the University accepts no legal responsibility for its accuracy.


Designated officer authorised to provide immigration advice and services by an order made under section 84 (4) (d) of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 and regulated by the Immigration Services Commissioner.

Student Immigration Advice and Compliance

Our advice is available free of charge and follows the Rules and Code of Standards of the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) and the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA).

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