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Student Pregnancy and Maternity Policy

Further information

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Students are encouraged to notify the University as soon as possible about their pregnancy through their Academic Services Manager and Academic Advisor (or other designated member of staff) in their Academic Department (Students entitled to Paternity Leave should do likewise).

As soon as you notify a member of staff about your pregnancy, the appropriate support and guidance can be offered and relevant risk assessments completed. Your Academic Services Manager and Academic Advisor (or other designated member of staff) will provide on-going advice and guidance throughout the pregnancy and during the maternity period, as well as signposting you to other relevant support services.

If you do not feel comfortable disclosing your pregnancy (or your partners pregnancy) to a member of staff, then you can access confidential and emotional support on any issue, including pregnancy, maternity, termination, miscarriage etc., from the Student Wellbeing Team. You can also access advice and guidance from the Students' Union Advice Service on a range of related issues, including legal, financial and housing issues as well as academic issues such as extenuating circumstances and mitigation.

If you are pregnant you will need to consider how changes to your studies might affect your student funding as you will need to inform Student Finance England of your circumstances. You can contact Money Advice to find out more information. You can also download their Single Parent Calendar for financial guidance if you are, or due to be, a single parent.

Plus Icon External Support
  • Adoption UK
    A national charity run by and for adopters, providing self-help information, advice, support and training on all aspects of adoption and adoptive parenting.
  • Antenatal Results and Choices
    The only national charity that provides non-directive support and information to expectant and bereaved parents throughout and after the antenatal screening and testing process.
  • British Pregnancy Advisory Service
    Supports reproductive choice and health by advocating and providing high-quality, affordable services to prevent or end unwanted pregnancies with contraception or by abortion. Also offers a range of other reproductive health services.
  • Brook - 0800 0185 023
  • Childcare link - 0800 234 6346
  • Direct Gov
    The UK government’s website provides information on health, care and benefits during pregnancy, benefits for parents, and information on childcare providers in your local area
  • Family Planning Association - 0845 122 8690
  • Leeds Women’s Aid - 0113 246 0401
  • Marie Stopes Foundation - 0845 300 8090
  • National Health Service
    The NHS Choices web site provides information relating to pregnancy abortion, health in pregnancy and maternity, and services provided by the NHS. See the NHS Choices web site.
  • The Miscarriage Association
    Offers support and information to anyone affected by the loss of a baby in pregnancy.
    The still birth and neonatal death charity – provides support to anyone affected by the loss of a baby and conducts research into the causes of still and neonatal death.
  • Which? Birth Choice                                                                                        Information around pregnancy, birth, the choices available and tools for helping to decide where to give birth.
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If you are living in Leeds Beckett accommodation, and become pregnant before or during the period of tenancy:

  • You may apply through the request for early release from tenancy for the tenancy agreement to be terminated – (medical evidence must be supplied for the request to be considered).
  • You should advise Accommodation Services that you are pregnant. If you wish to remain in University accommodation a risk assessment will be undertaken, to ensure that there are no elements of the living arrangements that present a risk to the health and safety to you or your unborn child.
  • Wherever practical, Accommodation Services will work with you to identify suitable alternative accommodation, if required, to enable you to continue with your course of study.
  • You will be provided with information on other sources of advice and support available in relation to housing needs.

For more information on cancelling your student accommodation contract please see our Accommodation web pages.

Unipol can also provide you with advice and guidance on requesting early release from tenancy as well as helping you with finding more suitable accommodation.

Plus Icon Student Placements

If your course involves a placement it is important that you discuss the arrangements for this with your personal tutor and any alternative timings of the placement that may need to be considered.

As well as the risk assessment that will be completed by the university, your placement provider will also be required to complete a risk assessment. Your personal tutor should liaise with your placement provider about this. If your placement provider does not complete a risk assessment or the risk assessment is deemed unsatisfactory then you may be withdrawn from the placement.

Information for students regarding pregnancy and maternity

The Equality Act 2010 significantly strengthens legal protection for students during pregnancy and maternity in England, Scotland and Wales. The Act considers pregnancy and maternity to be a protected characteristic and prohibits discrimination on these grounds.

Section 17 of the Act extends protection from discrimination on the grounds of pregnancy and maternity to women outside the workplace and specifically includes Higher Education.

Students are encouraged to notify the University as soon as possible about their pregnancy through their Academic Services Manager and Academic Advisor (or other designated member of staff) in their Academic Department (Students entitled to Paternity Leave should do likewise).

The Student Pregnancy and Maternity policy, Risk Assessment and Student Support Form provides both students and staff with a framework of support that the University can offer to a student regarding pregnancy and maternity.

Read our full Student Pregnancy and Maternity policy

This page was last modified: 03/06/2021

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