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Update My Data

It's important to keep your contact details up to date

You can view and update your data, such as your term-time address, by logging into Online Welcome.

This can also be accessed through MyBeckett, by going to the 'My Account' tab and clicking 'Welcome System (Update my data)'

Click the button below to download our guide on how to update your contact details.

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Plus Icon Why do I need to keep my contact details up to date

Although the majority of communication will be sent to your student email, from time to time the university may need to send you communication via other methods. Examples of this could be to send you information about graduation or to post your certificate 

Plus Icon Can my term-time and permanent home address be the same

If you commute to university (stay at home and only travel in for study) or you are a distance learner, then your term-time address and permanent home address will likely be the same. However you must complete both options even if they are the same.

Plus Icon I need to change my name on the university's systems

If your name is incorrect, or has changed by deed poll, you must contact your course administrator. It is important that we have your correct name as this is the name that will be on your award certificate when you graduate.

Plus Icon What's the difference between my term-time and permanent home address

Your term-time address is where you are staying whilst you are studying e.g., halls of residence or a student house.

Your permanent home address is where you live whilst not studying at university e.g., parents/guardians or your home country if you are an international student.

Plus Icon What is an emergency contact and why do I need one

An emergency contact is someone we can contact if you were to fall seriously ill or we needed to get in touch with you urgently. This is usually a parent, guardian or partner. You must choose someone reliable and get their permission to provide their details.

This page was last modified: 29/07/2021

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