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Welcome and Induction

We are delighted to welcome you to Leeds Beckett 

This page will help you to be well prepared for a smooth arrival when you join us in January; you will find key things you need to know and do both before and after you arrive at University.

If you have any questions, or need help you can call our Student Experience Team on 
0113 812 3000, or email studentexperience@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

Throughout Welcome Week and the rest of the academic year, you can find the Student Experience Team at the Student Hubs and in The Gateway.

*If you are a distance learner, please click here for further information on preparing for your course, learning online and the support services you can access.

Before you get here

You may already have started or completed some of the tasks in the list but it's a good idea to check through now to make sure.

Plus Icon Ensure you have registered and enrolled online

You need to create an Account on our Online Welcome site to register and enrol online, if you haven’t already done this.

Upload a passport-style photo for your Campus Card here to save time when you arrive.

A downloadable PDF User Guide to Online Welcome is available here.

Plus Icon Make sure you have your original ID documents ready to bring with you

It is important that you present a valid passport, your birth or adoption certificate, or EU identity card to complete your ID Check during Welcome Week.

If you are unable to provide either of these original documents, we will accept a certified copy. Find out about how to get a document certified at www.gov.uk/certifying-a-document

Failure to do this will delay your enrolment and receipt of your student loan.

If you do not have one of these forms of ID, please contact us for further help.
Tel: 0113 812 3000
Email: studentexperience@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

Plus Icon Contact us if you have a disability

If you have (or think you may have) a disability which will affect your ability to study or physically access our University, please contact us before you arrive so that we can start discussing your support needs.

Our Disability Advice team are available to help you at any time throughout your course of study. Please visit the Disability Advice web page to find out about different types of disability and what support you can get.

The sooner you contact us, the earlier we can arrange to put support into place to help you.

Plus Icon Plan your money needs

At the start of your course you will need money for food, university materials and transport. If you are in receipt of a student loan, please note it will not be paid into your account until 3-4 days after you have enrolled.

If you are having problems with your student finance, see the information on our Money and Advice pages for help and advice.

If you haven’t yet done so, apply for your Student Loan now. You can apply up to nine months after the start of your course.

Plus Icon Find out your Welcome Week Induction timetable

Welcome Week is all about familiarising yourself with your course, your tutors, the library, the campuses and city - and of course to make new friends.

Once you have created an account, login to Online Welcome to find your Induction timetable for Welcome Week before you begin your course.

If you have any problems viewing your timetable contact:

Plus Icon Accommodation

If you have decided to live in Halls, our Accommodation Team should have already contacted you. See our Accommodation site for further information.

Plus Icon US Students

If you are a US student, there is lots of support available to guide you through each individual stage of your pre-arrival and arrival process. We would like to make sure your transition to Leeds Beckett is as smooth as possible. However, we do appreciate the student loan process can be confusing, so have put together some useful information and guidance on our US Loans website. If you do require further assistance though, please contact our US Loans team or call 0113 812 6701.

During January Welcome, we will also be holding sessions specific to US students, where you will able to meet other students and learn more about US loans, Library support, the Student Union, Student Experience Team and more. Details of the sessions are below:

 Date  Location
 Friday 25 January 2019

 10.00 - 11.00 - Macaulay G03, Headingley Campus

14.00 - 15.00 - Rose Bowl 205, City Campus

Plus Icon International Students

Whether you are a International student joining us for the first time, or a returning International student, there is lots of support and events to get involved with. Key information for all International students can be found here.

Leeds Beckett also runs an International Meet and Greet service, details of which are below:

 Leeds Bradford Airport

 Monday 14 January - Sunday 20 January

09.00 - 21.00

If you would like to use this service, please email Kat Firth, who will be more than happy to assist you.

Plus Icon Visit your local GP

Make sure you have visited your local GP before you arrive to have the MenACWY and MMR vaccines; these help protect you against meningitis and Measles, Mumps and Rubella. 

All first time University students under the age of 25 and some 17 and 18 year olds are eligible for the vaccine. To check your eligibility, please click here.

New Students at their accommodation sitting together

When you arrive

The essential information you need to know for your arrival is below.

If you have any questions or issues when you arrive please call our Student Experience Team on 0113 812 3000 or email studentexperience@leedsbeckett.ac.uk for help. 
The team can be found at the Student Hubs on either campus, and The Gateway. 

Plus Icon Attend your ID Check

It is important that you present a valid passport, your birth or adoption certificate, or EU identity card to complete your ID Check during Welcome Week.

If you are unable to provide either of these original documents, we will accept a certified copy.

Find out how to get a document certified at www.gov.uk/certifying-a-document

Failure to do this will delay your enrolment and receipt of your student loan.

If you do not have one of these forms of ID, please contact us for further help.

Tel: 0113 812 3000 
Email: studentexperience@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

International Students

The International Check-In will run from Monday 21 January to Friday 1 February. The Check-In will be open from 10:30 to 15:00 on Headingley Campus. You must remember to attend your course induction as well as the International Check-In.

Further details of an International Check-In at the City Campus will be available in due course.

Plus Icon Collect your Campus Card

You will be able to collect your Campus Card (student ID) from either of our Student Hubs once you have completed your ID check / International Check-In. Your Course Administrator or our Student Immigration team will issue you with a card print slip which you can exchange for your Campus Card at the Hubs. 

Your Campus Card is your Student ID, Library and print card and you will need it for all sorts of other uses. Find out more about your campus card.

Plus Icon Download our mobile app

Our free app works on phones and tablets and is available on both Android and iOS.

The app gives you:

  • Links to the various online learning platforms used as part of your learning.
  • Maps of our campuses and the city with the locations of university buildings and facilities, all our Halls of Residence and other useful places.
  • Information on where to find available desktop PCs in our libraries and all of our social learning spaces.
  • The ability to check into your lectures, seminars and tutorials using the inbuilt check in system (requires Bluetooth activation).

We'll be adding more functions over the next year.

Find out more on our App page and download it from the App Store and Google Play now.

Plus Icon Your Course Induction and Timetables

During Welcome, you should attend your Course Induction where you will meet your teaching team. You will find out how to contact your Student Experience Team, more about your course, exams, giving feedback and what to do if you need support.

Please check your Induction timetable in Online Welcome for details.

Your Academic teaching timetable becomes available during Welcome Week. This provides full details of your lectures, seminars and other timetabled sessions, including the date, time, week number and venue.

To access your timetable, login to your learning portal MyBeckett and click on the “Timetables” tab.

If you are having problems viewing a timetable contact:

Late arrival

Please make every effort to arrive in time for Welcome starting on Monday 21 January. We understand that occasionally illness or family commitments may make this impossible.

If you should miss your Course Induction or ID Check, or if you arrive late, please contact the Student Experience Team.

We will help you to work through our late arrivals checklist and ensure that you have all the information you need to begin your studies, have access to online induction materials and complete your university enrolment.

Email: studentexperience@leedsbeckett.ac.uk 
Tel:0113 812 3000

Plus Icon Where to go for help

Student Experience Team 

The Student Hubs are where you can find the Student Experience Team, they are your go-to point for information and advice about any aspect of student life. Our friendly staff can help to answer your queries and put you in contact with our specialist teams.

Call the team on 0113 812 3000, email them at studentexperience@leedsbeckett.ac.uk, or visit them in person. You can find the Student Hubs on Level 1 (ground floor) of the Rose Bowl at City Campus and in Campus Central on Headingley Campus. The team can also be found in The Gateway. 

You can find lots of information about student life on the Student website.

More help 

You can find the full range of support and opportunities our University offers by visiting the 'Support' and 'Opportunities' tabs on MyBeckett. You can also speak to the Student Experience Team who can support you with a range of issues, or signpost you to other teams that can help. 

Students' Union Advisors can help you with housing, legal, health and academic problems.

Plus Icon Things to Arrange

Register with a doctor and dentist in Leeds if you are living away from home. Please do not leave this until you are feeling ill! More information can be found here.

Contents Insurance
Make sure your policy covers any expensive items such as laptops, mobiles, MP3 players and phones as well as other possessions which may not always be in your room.

Council Tax
Find more information about paying or claiming student exemption for Council Tax.

Confirmation and Bank Letters
If you need to confirm your student status with your bank or other organisation, please contact the Student Hub.

TV Licence
You may still need a licence to watch television in your own room in a hall of residence: each room will need a separate TV licence. The TV Licencing website will give you all the information you need.

Plus Icon Finding your way

Both City and Headingley campuses are within easy walking distance of most halls of residence and the main student areas. Make sure you know how to get from your flat to university. See our range of maps to help you find your way to and around Leeds.

Plus Icon Staying safe

We want you to enjoy yourself here in Leeds but it is very important that you take care of yourself, follow some basic safety rules and act respectfully towards yourself and others.

Check out this service to ensure you get home safely if you ever run out of cash on a night out in exchange for your Student ID Card and signing a receipt . You'll then pay for your taxi when you collect your card from the Students' Union.

Daughter hugging her mum, outside her accommodation

Parents and Carers

This section is for parents and carers to access the key points and information their son or daughter needs to be aware of and tasks to complete prior to attending University.

Plus Icon Important Checklist for your son or daughter

There are a number of important things your son or daughter will need to do before setting off for university. Please make sure that they have:

Plus Icon Essential things to take to university

IMPORTANT: It is essential that your son or daughter brings their original current passport or birth certificate to their ID check-in session during Welcome Week. Failure to do this will delay receipt of their student loan.

There are plenty of student websites with useful checklists of other things to bring to University which may help you. Our Accommodation web pages also have a useful 'what to bring' section.

Plus Icon Arrival Information

Our Welcome programme for new students begins on Monday 21 January 2019, so it's important that your son or daughter arrives to attend their course induction and ID check.

Please check our accommodation web pages for general dates about when your children will be able to move in to Halls of Residence if they have chosen to do so. Confirmation will be included in the final contract sent by post.

International Students can find all their arrival information online, including how to get to Leeds, visas and immigration, how to pay your tuition fees, your accommodation options and much more.

Plus Icon Money

Where possible, it is a good idea for your son or daughter to bring enough money to last for the first fortnight at university, for food, university materials and transport. Their student loan will not enter their account until at least the first day of term, which is the Monday after Welcome.

Finance is one of the things which causes the most worry for students so it is important that they are realistic about how much they have available to spend and that they learn to budget. They may wish to work part time to help fund their time at university.

If your son or daughter is concerned about money, debt or they need help with budgeting, please suggest they access the information in our Money Advice pages where they will also find out about financial support that they may be entitled to as a student.

Plus Icon Accommodation

If your son or daughter has chosen to live in our Halls of Residence, check out the useful information on our accommodation web pages including paying their deposit and arrival dates.

Unipol provides plenty of information about private rented student accommodation in Leeds and will give you an indication of costs for private rented property. Remember to find out what is and isn't included in the price!

Remember, your son or daughter will need to arrange Contents Insurance and pay for a TV Licence. Living at home is a good solution for some students and can help to save money. If your son or daughter lives at home, their student loan is reduced by around £1000.

Plus Icon Safety Advice

We take our students' safety and security very seriously. We have 24 security patrols on our campuses and Halls of Residences and new students are given safety briefings both at their Course Induction sessions and in their Halls.

We also have close links with the police through our Police Liaison Officer, PC Mark Fox: Mark.Fox@leedsbeckett.ac.uk who is regularly on campus. Please encourage your son or daughter to read our safety and security tips.

Plus Icon Data Protection

Parents and other relatives often contact us to ask about their son or daughter; for instance, to ask for information about academic progress, to inquire how they are settling in or to try and find out where they are.

The University must comply with The Data Protection Act 2018 which protects an individual's rights to privacy with regards to his or her personal data. Although the University understands that parents may have concerns about their son or daughter it cannot disclose personal data, even to parents, unless the student has given fully-informed consent for the information to be released.

The Act is very strict so even confirming or denying that an individual is a student here could infringe privacy and could, in extreme circumstances, put an individual in danger. We will happily discuss general information about university procedures, examination processes, the implications of failing a module, accommodation costs etc.

But there may be circumstances when you may have major concerns about your son or daughter - perhaps you have not heard from them for ages or possibly you have received a worrying message about them in some way. In such cases if you leave contact details or correspondence with us, we will endeavour to pass them on and encourage the student to make contact.

We will be happy to talk to you about the support available to your son or daughter at our University and how they can access that support. Please contact the Student Experience Team in the first instance.
Email: studentexperience@leedsbeckett.ac.uk 
Tel: 0113 812 3000

Finally, the Data Protection Act does permit the University to disclose information in certain exceptional circumstances; these are usually life or death situations and in such cases the routine need to obtain consent before disclosing personal data may be waived.

Plus Icon Student Support

Our Student Experience Team are the first point of call for queries about the full range of student life and support matters and can be found at our Student Hubs. Our aim is to provide information quickly and effectively and to connect our students to the correct pathway of support. We have two Student Hubs, one based at the Rose Bowl on our City Campus, and the other on Headingley Campus in Campus Central.

At the Student Hub, the Student Experience Team will discuss your son or daughter's needs with them and either make an appointment for them, or, refer them to an appropriate service. Services available include Disability Advice, Student Money, Student Wellbeing, Student Immigration Advice and Compliance, Accommodation and Jobs and Careers advice. As well as this, the team can also ensure students know where to get help with any academic problems or queries.

Plus Icon Term Dates

Teaching timetables will be available before the end of the Welcome programme. Find our term dates calendars for students.

This page was last modified: 12/12/2018

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